Wendy Perry’s Mid Length Hairstyle with Spring Curls and copper Highlights

Stylist: Wendy Perry
Model: Camilla

If you would like to achieve this curly black hairstyle, just follow these steps and you will be looking beautiful. You will need to have a medium hair length but as you can see, because of the spring curls in this hairstyle, it will look short after you are finished. 

You must have a thin sized curling iron to accomplish this hairstyle. Curl each 1 inch piece of hair and repeat this until your entire head is finished. As for the color, you will need to start with a full black hair color and then add copper highlights to it.

Wendy Perry from Young Sassy and Younique Hair Salon in Durham NC created this curly hairstyle. You can see more of her hairstyles here.


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