What Has Everyone Excited About This Long Curly Sew-In Hairstyle?

Long luscious locks are never going out of style. This gorgeous curly sew-in hairstyle has the extra benefit of being a protective style that keeps the model’s own hair safe from the daily hazards of her environment and lifestyle also. Curly sew-in looks like the one featured in these images are beautiful and highly sought after. There can be some serious problems if they are installed incorrectly though. We asked one of Columbia, SC’s most published professional hairstylists, Carla Harris, to walk us through what makes this particular look so popular and what should you look out for when receiving this procedure, yourself.

Stylist: Carla Harris
Salon: Ms. Carla’s Unique Hair Designs in Columbia, SC
Salon Phone: (803) 237-9888
Model: Denise
Makeup: Enrika Wilds

Elegant Curly Sew-In Hairstyle for Black Women

Black women have enjoyed the luxury and ease of wearing wigs for many years. In the late 1950s, the technique of actually sewing in hair additions started gaining popularity. Celebrities like The Supremes and The Ronettes made sew-in weaves or “falls” popular. Professional hairstylists have added to the rich tradition of wearing weaves over the years to create a library of hairstyles that always push the boundaries of fashion also. Carla Harris accomplished just such a feat with this curly sew-in hairstyle.

This look features 100% human hair and is curled with a deep wave pattern. After applying the long hair additions, Carla gave her model a precision haircut that created long layers throughout the hairstyle. The layers showcase the movement in the hair and create a wonderful cascade of curls that can be seen however the model moves.  The deep waves of the curl pattern give the illusion of a wet and wavy carefree hairstyle.

100% Human Hair Gives the Best Results

When your curly sew-in hairstyle is going to require a lot of manipulation, especially curls, Carla suggests using a high grade of human hair extensions over synthetic hair. Human hair gives more latitude and it allows your hairstylist to be more creative. Carla knew she wanted to create a stunning look that would be an exciting attention getter and she wanted the versatility that 100% human hair extensions afforded her also.

This Curly Sew-In Hairstyle Keeps Your Hair Protected

One of the greatest benefits to this curly sew-in hairstyle is the way it protects your hair from the harsh environments of daily living. Sew-In hairstyles are considered “protective” styles because while the sew-in endures the wind, rain and dust of everyday life, your own hair is either braided or molded safely underneath. Carla also placed a protective net between the model’s hair and the sew-in hair additions.

Before applying the hair additions, Carla Harris gave her model a deep conditioning treatment and braided her hair. She then placed a protective net over her model’s hair. These precautionary steps are the main reasons you want to always trust a procedure like this to the hands of a professional hairstylist like Carla Harris.

If your hairstylist is not aware of the dangers they could create, you could have major problems down the road. Many people have found that by dealing with non-professional hairstylists, the hair additions could be applied to tight which could lead to scalp damage and hair loss also. Therefore, we always stress to trust a licensed, professional hairstylist like Carla Harris from Ms. Carla’s Unique Hair Design in Columbia, SC.

Taking Care of This Curly Sew-In Hairstyle at Home

This curly sew-in hairstyle is beautiful, functional, and low maintenance also. Carla’s advice for taking care of this look at home is to wrap your hair at night with a silk or satin bonnet and use a leave-in conditioner. You should also mist your hair periodically to keep the curl.

Introducing Carla Harris from Ms. Carla’s Unique Hair Designs in Columbia, SC

This fierce curly sew-in hairstyle was created by Columbia’s own Carla Harris from Ms. Carla’s Unique Hair Design, 4145 Hardscrabble Rd. Carla would love to create a protective hairstyle like the one featured here for you also. If you’re in the market for a different type of look, give Carla a call. Her number is (803) 237-9888 or stop by the salon for an in-depth consultation. We’re confident you’ll be glad you did.

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