“Winter Fresh” Curly, Afro, Quick Weave Hairstyle from Latoya Dyson

Salon: La Cheveux
Stylist: Latoya Dyson
Model: Tonisha
Make Up: Ms. Jackee

If you’re looking for a look that’s fun and flirty, then look no further. Latoya Dyson from La Cheveux Salon in Peoria, AZ turns one of her black hairstyles into something curly, bold and beautiful. With the proper technique and a little knowledge, this style can easily be created in the comfort of your own home.

What You’ll Need:
Rat tail comb
Wrapping foam
Hooded Dryer
Oil Sheen (spray or oil)
Styling Gel

Step 1: Shampoo
Shampoo your hair. Begin your style with a clean scalp. Not only will this ensure that the style lasts longer, but starting fresh also ensures that your curls look soft and have a lot of body.

Step 2: Apply wrapping foam
Apply a generous amount of wrapping foam to your entire head. Comb through your hair in order to remove any excess foam. Remember, you need enough so that your hair will be able to stick to the roller, but not so much that it completely weighs the hair down.

Step 3: Roll your hair
Hold rollers at an angle so as to create a ring curl effect. The larger the roller, the less defined your curls will be. So try to choose a size that is big enough to hold the length of your hair, but small enough to encourage as many ringlets as possible.

Step 4: Sit beneath hooded dryer
Allow your hair to dry. Depending on the length of your hair, you should sit between one to one and a half hours. Try to avoid touching the curls as they dry as your finger tips could possibly affect the mold.

Step 5: Remove rollers and pick curls
Take your hair down and separate your curls. When taking your hair down, it’s extremely important that it is bone dry before you attempt to separate and style. Damp hair leads to ill-formed curls and frizz.

Step 6: Sheen and smooth
Take a quarter size amount of sheen and work it through your curls. Also, take styling gel and add it to any visible parts of your hair line in order to smooth it over.

Creating curls that last takes attention to detail. If you would like to know more about quick weave hairstyles or curly hairstyles for black women, then get in touch with La Cheveux Salon in Peoria, AZ at (520) 252-9190. They are one of AZ’s premiere black hair salons.

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