Yes, Black Girls Can Rock Spicey Ginger Hair Color

Today’s fashion scene comes with every hair color under the rainbow. In fact, actual rainbow color techniques are some of the hottest trends in black hairstyles today. One color that Black women have always had a passion for was vibrant reds and ginger colors. Ginger is an automatic attention grabber and the right shade will form a beautiful highlight to your skin tone. This ginger hair color was custom blended by Gwendolyn Coxum, a professional hairstylist located at Salon Hair Forte in Dunn, NC. Along with the bold ginger on top, this hairstyle features copper-gold undertones and a rod-set curl pattern.

Stylist: Gwendolyn Coxum
Salon: Salon Hair Forte in Dun, NC
Salon Phone: (919) 464-0355
Model: Rosa
Makeup: Deirdre Clay

Vibrant Ginger Hair color for Black Women

The beauty of this hairstyle is how well it compliments the model. Gwendolyn created the ginger color specifically for this model. The hairstyle also features a soft copper-gold hair color underneath. Gwendolyn used different hues of red and gold to get these specific colors. The colors accentuate the model’s deep brown eyes also.

To achieve this color, Gwendolyn Coxum started off by pre-lightening the model’s natural hair. This first step was actually one of the most complicated. To get the exact shade Gwendolyn was looking for, she needed to lift her model’s hair 4 levels. Gwendolyn was careful to maintain the integrity of her model’s hair through this process. If you’re getting this type of color process, your professional hairstylist is going to want to do a strand test on your hair beforehand.

They decided to go with semi-permanent hair colors to achieve this ginger hair color. Semi-permanent colors are more vibrant and while they do penetrate the cuticle of the hair, they won’t penetrate the cortex. This means that you will be able to switch up colors sooner if you wish.

Ginger Hair Color Over a Precision Haircut

The best hair color in the world means nothing if the hairstyle it covers doesn’t fall right. Along with the custom hair color, Gwendolyn gave her model a precision haircut also. The haircut increases the model’s ability to change up the hairstyle over time. Gwendolyn used a shear over comb and a barber cut combination to achieve an elegant bob haircut. The model could choose to wear her hair straight as a bob, or she can wear it as a curly rod set as seen in these images. The sides are cut two inches below the model’s ear and the back stops right at the hairline.

Ginger Hair Color Over a Rod Set curl Pattern

Perm rods were used on the model’s natural hair to achieve this beautiful, bouncy curl pattern. The fun curls are designed to flow as the model moves and then fall right back into place when she stops. Like we said earlier, if the model chooses, she can wear her hair straight and rock this ginger hair color as a fierce bob hairstyle.

Taking Care of Your Ginger Hair Color at Home

As you might assume, taking care of this ginger hair color at home has a lot to do with maintaining the vibrant color. There are also a few steps you should take to keep your relaxer-free hair healthy also. Gwendolyn recommends using a sulfate-free shampoo and moisturizing conditioner every two weeks as part of your home maintenance routine. She also suggests her clients wrap their hair with a silk or sating bonnet at night and lightly mist the hair every day with some type of oil sheen or silicone gloss.

This bold, curly hairstyle with ginger hair color is perfect for the Black woman who loves to show off her confidence. If that’s you, stop by Salon Hair Forte at 1411 West Cumberland St. in Dunn, NC, and let Gwendolyn create a special look for you. You can also give her a call at (919) 464-0355.

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