You Must See This Incredible Rainbow Hair Color from Jennifer Nealy

If you’re making a trip to the salon, you know you’ve already made a deal with yourself to do whatever it takes to look and feel absolutely gorgeous. For the natural hair queen, you want to know that you are set for at least a week, escaping the whole re-twist regime before bedtime, a comb out in the morning, and, you’re not really feeling braids at the moment.  While braids may not be your thing, when you’re ready to go deep into the fun and flirty side, this rainbow hair color is just what the doctor ordered.

Hair: Jennifer Nealy
Salon: Hair Favor
Mode: Palmer
Make Up: Queen Combs

Incredible Rainbow Hair Color Technique

If this sounds like you right now, have we got the style for you! Hair favor Salon in Greensboro, NC is offering this rainbow hair color, curled hairstyle that will leave you feeling sexy, shiny and new! The curls are achieved using Corkscrew curls perm rods and a zig-zag pattern. Now we know that curl patterns differ according to hair type, trust us, we got you! At Hair Favor, our experienced and knowledgeable professionals determine and ensure a curl pattern suitable for your hair. In case you haven’t guessed it yet, this style was achieved on pure natural, non-relaxed hair!!

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The colors in this rainbow hair include teal, magenta, purple, peacock green and blue. Many people go natural in order to break free from chemical damaging products. You’ll be happy to know that the colors used are semi-colors meaning they are significantly less damaging to your hair than other dyes. This is because they fade away faster than permanent colors but last longer than temporary ones. You can also achieve deep colors without damaging your natural hair color.

Low Maintenance Hairstyle

To maintain this hairstyle, all you need to do is apply serum to the curls and make sure to sleep with a hair net and NOT a hair bonnet; To keep the curls definitive, the hair needs to breathe. The hair bonnet doesn’t allow heat to escape, causing your hair to sweat and to form a frizz. If you haven’t already, you may also want to invest in a satin pillowcase. This is a good addition not just for this hairstyle but for your natural hair in general. If you follow these steps, this rainbow-colored curl will last for two weeks.

Introducing Jennifer Nealy from Hair Favor Salon in Greensboro, NC

This beautiful rainbow hair color technique was created by Jennifer Nealy from Hair Favor Salon in Greensboro, NC. Jennifer has been a leader in the cosmetology industry for many years. So, to get this awesome hairstyle, head on to Hair Favor located at 2729 Battleground Ave #15, Greensboro, North Carolina. Also, feel free to call us at 336-423-6396.

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