Dudley EMS 2011 Presents Lessons from the Fabulous

Hi-Rez-EMS-2011-CoverFrom July 30th through August 1, 2011, cosmetologists will unite in the quest to become the best at EMS 2011. Join us for an event that will showcase the best in the business of hair styles and makeup techniques. If you are a professional cosmetologist interested in improving your client base and learning from the most exciting and successful celebrity stylists today, call to register for this event. Hair salons from all around will be attending this event for lessons from the best of the best in hair styles and makeup.

If you are feeling as though your hair styles need to expand to the latest looks or your technique can be improved upon, this event is for you. Professional cosmetologists must keep up with the latest in hair fashion in order to expand their clientele. Continue to create and learn stunning looks for your clients. Only the finest hair stylists continue their education by attending events that showcase the techniques that work in the current style climate. A professional cosmetologist understands this and will profit from attendance of these rare events.

Our celebrity style panel consists of three of the best and most successful hair stylists and makeup artists imaginable. They cater to the elite celebrity clientele that most of us would love to style. We have Patrick Bradley, an educator, hair stylist and makeup artist who is recognized as one of the top ten artists in the country! Also, we have Betty Mekonnen, better known as the “Makeup Magician”. She has applied her artistry to many models and celebrities, and has been published on magazine covers all around the world. And finally, we have Johnny Wright, hairstylist for Michelle Obama. Since First Lady Michelle gives style perfection its very meaning, you simply must attend this event. Hair salons and their cosmetologists will learn so much from such a fine celebrity panel. If you are a professional cosmetologist, please call to register for this event. Sign up today by calling: 1-888-573-8210. We can’t wait to hear from you and look forward to seeing you at this most exclusive opportunity to learn more and expand both your professionalism and success. Don’t procrastinate; call and be part of this stellar event.

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