Asha’s Stylish Mohawk Step by Steps

ASHA-DAVIS-STEP-BY-STEPShelia Y. Ervin is a master hairdresser specializing in color, relaxers, soft styles, precision cuts and dreadlocks. She also does eyebrow arching and lash extensions, for a completely new look. For Asha’s short hairstyle, Shelia has created a sexy curled Mohawk that culminates in a cascade of waves at the crown. This style can be decorated for a formal event with glitter or stylish hair pins, but between the dramatic cut and the remarkable color job, Asha doesn’t need to do much else to stand out in any crowd.

Step 1. Blow out the longer strip of hair that runs down th center of the head. Push everything forward as you’re drying, and use a comb to pull any unruly roots straight.

Step 2. Massage a styling cream through the hair, focusing on the midshaft and the roots

Step 3. Comb through to the ends

Step 4. Begin at the nape of the neck with one of the smaller irons in your collection. On Aisha’s hair, it’s curled upward about 1/2 turn.

Step 5. Continue curling the hair upward in half-inch sections until you reach the crown

Step 6. At the top of the head, use a round iron and a comb to create two distinct directions of curl in each section, resulting in an “S” formation. Like ocean waves, the hair is brought up, then instead of curling under itself, the curl changes direction in order to flip up at the ends. This takes practice, but once you get the hang of it, it’s an important technique to master. Take random sections, to avoid creating lines at the scalp.

Step 7. In the very front of the fringe, or the bangs, allow the hair to fall forward without the dramatic “S” curl and simply flip up and out of the face by curling just the ends.

Step 8. Mist the entire head with a light styling spray and allow it to dry.

Step 9. Separate the curls a little bit in the back, by using the back end of a comb to break up the lines between each section. Leave the top alone, though, except where the bangs meet the top, in case they need to blend in better.

Step 10 Mist with a finishing spray.

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