A New Way to Think About Blonde Hair Color for Black Women

Blonde hairstyles have always been a signature fashion statement in the US. Today’s black hairstyles come in every range of blonde imaginable. Professional hair stylists are constantly pushing the boundaries of color theory to create a new and innovative blonde hair color for Black women that will dazzle their clients and keep their hair healthy. Fayetteville, NC hairstylist Deirdre Clay from Wave Links Hair Studio created this elegant short, relaxer free hairstyle. The look is topped off with a custom honey blonde hair color with auburn tones around the sides.

Stylist: Deirdre Clay
Salon: Wave Links Hair Studio Inc. in Fayetteville, NC
Salon Phone: (910) 864-8777
Model: Brandi
Makeup: Deirdre Clay

Exciting Short Hairstyle With Honey Blonde Hair Color

If you’re looking for a short hairstyle that shines in multiple categories, this is it. This short relaxer-free hairstyle for black women features a precision haircut with layers and a feathered bang also. The major aspect of this look has to be the color though. The blonde hues mix seamlessly together to create a natural glow over the model’s hair. The precision haircut features stark angles and soft lines. The combination of the hair color and the haircut create a look that will withstand the test of time.

Blonde Hair Color for Black Women

The color featured on this hairstyle didn’t just come out of a box. This is a custom color with gradients of multiple hues of auburn and blonde. The look was designed by Deirdre Clay from Wave Links Hair Studio Inc. in Fayetteville, NC. Dee, as she is known in the industry, gave her model an in-depth consultation first. This was to get a definite understanding of what her model’s expectations, lifestyle, and environment were like. She also tested her model for allergies before she started the color process. To highlight the movement at the top of the hairstyle, Deirdre started with an auburn color around the outer perimeter. She added different shades of blonde in the top also.

A Precision Haircut Creates the Total Look

Dee created a precision haircut on this model that is soft yet daring. She started by creating layers around the sides of the hair, and a long-feathered bang in the front. Dee created this short natural hairstyle with layers to enhance her model’s natural features. In the process, she created a masterpiece. Dee created this beautiful honey blonde hair color over a precision haircut and a silk press technique. The signature lines of the haircut accentuate the different hues of the auburn and honey blonde hair color.

At-Home Maintenance Tips

Taking care of this blonde hair color for black women at home is rather simple. Deirdre Clay from Wave Links Hair Studio, Inc suggests wrapping the hair every night with a silk or satin bonnet. During the day, Dee says to use a daily moisturizer and some type of gloss product like Influance S-3 Spray for shine. She also recommends using a sulfate-free or color-safe shampoo to help the color stay vibrant. Dee recommends Influance Honey Blonde Shampoo and Influance Honey Almond Conditioner.

This bold hairstyle was created by international hairstylist, platform artist, educator, and makeup artist, Deirdre Clay. Dee’s work is legendary. She has graced the pages of almost every major hair publication in the United States. She also travels the country on a regular basis, educating other hairstylists on the newest style techniques and product knowledge. Dee is also the owner of Wave Links Hair Studio Inc., located at 5114 Yadkin Rd. Suite – 136 in Fayetteville, NC. If you love being the center of attention wherever you go, give Deirdre Clay and the staff at Wave Links Hair Studio a call at (910) 864-8777.

At-Home Products to Keep Your Hair Color Vibrant

Influiance Honey-Almond-Shampoo

Influance Honey Blonde Shampoo

Sulfate free moisturizing shampoo that detangles and softeners hair for greater manageability. Formulated with the exclusive anti-fade system for color treated hair.

Influance Honey Blonde conditioner

Influance Honey Almond Conditioner

Instantly detangles and softens hair for greater manageability. Moisturizers and strengthens enriched with argon oil, jojoba oil, and avocado oil.

Influance S-3 Spray

Influance S-3 Spray

Instantly silken and lock in moisture for healthy hair and a high gloss finish

A New Way to Think About Blonde Hair Color for Black Women

Tips for Black Women to Keep Your Blonde Hair Color Vibrant Longer

  1. Use a Shampoo With a Violet Color

    Using a shampoo with a violet color helps to prevent blonde hues from turning brassy

  2. Use a Sulfate-Free Shampoo

    Sulfate-free shampoos help to keep your hair color from fading. A coconut milk shampoo is a great choice.

  3. Use a Thermal Protective Product When Curling Your Hair

    Products like natural pomades that help to protect your hair from heat damage also help to protect your hair color.

  4. Always Use Low Heat

    Curling your hair at lower heat levels will help your blonde hair color last longer.

  5. Use a Leave in Moisturizer

    Hair color tends to cause your hair to lose moisture. As you lose moisture, the hair color will start to fade also. a leave in moisturizer will replace moisture in your hair.

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