Alluring Braids for Kids Hairstyle from Marquita Briggs from Columbia, SC

.Braids hairstyles have always been popular with moms who want to keep their little one’s hair looking salon fresh for a prolonged period. Braids are able to withstand the wear and tear of a kid’s daily environment without falling apart or losing form the way hairstyles created with heat or styling agents might. Marquita Briggs from Alter Ego Hair Salon in Columbia, SC wanted to create an elegant braids for kids hairstyle that would stand up to their daily activities and look stunning at the same time.  This look is fun, flirty and can be worn at any occasion. Marquita added some hair accent pieces throughout the look to give a different appeal. This braids for kids hairstyle from Marquita Briggs in Columbia, SC is every little girl’s ideal braid look.

Stylist: Marquita Briggs
Salon: Alter Ego Hair Salon
Model: Anyist
Makeup: Enrika Wilds

Professional Quality Throughout

Marquita started off by installing high quality kanekalon synthetic hair additions to her model’s natural hair. Kanekalon hair closely matches the model’s natural curl pattern and Marquita Briggs wants to give this look a little more length. The hair additions will also add fullness and texture to the finished hairstyle. They will help the hairstyle last longer also. Marquita considered all of these factors when she chose the type of hair extensions to install. This is a major reason why we promote having your haircare services performed by a professional hairstylist like Marquita Briggs. Simply choosing the wrong type of hair extensions or incorrectly installing them would have ruined this braids for kids hairstyle before you even got started.

Braids for Kids Hairstyle

Marquita Briggs from Alter Ego Hair Salon in Columbia, SC brought the model’s hair up to the top in a two-strand twist. She then wrapped the hair around the top of the head and pinned the look together. Marquita also left two braided ponytails in the back of the head as well. To give this kid’s braid hairstyle a little extra pizzazz, Marquita added little trinket accent pieces throughout the hairstyle. The finished look is an inspiring hairstyle that your daughter could wear to church, the prom or any type of family gathering. The versatility of the braids for kids hairstyle is one of its main selling points.

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Take Care of This Braids for Kids Hairstyle at Home

The sign of a great hairstylist is when they ensure that their clients maintain that salon fresh look at home. Marquita Briggs from Alter Ego Hair Salon in Columbia, SC did just that with this braids for kids hairstyle. Marquita says that all her model needs to do to keep this hairstyle looking good is to keep up her regular shampoo and conditioner routine, apply some sort of daily moisturizer, like a hair and scalp balm or a foam wrap, and finally, wrap the hair at night with a silk or satin cloth.  These simple steps should keep her client’s hair looking good and her scalp in a healthy condition for three to four weeks.

Introducing Marquita Briggs from Alter Ego Hair Salon in Columbia, SC

Marquita Briggs is a professional hairstylist. She loves to create innovative and creative hairstyles for her clients in the Columbia, SC area. This braids for kids hairstyle is just one example of the types of professional looks Marquita is known for. Her passion for her craft is evident in everything she does. When you’re ready to give your little girl that hairstyle that will keep her hair healthy and be the center of attention wherever she goes, give Marquita a call at (803) 800-2956.

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