Short Natural Curly Hairstyle from Kevin Quattlebaum in Columbia, SC

Few things express your inner confidence more than a beautiful short natural haircut that shows off your own curl pattern. The only thing that could speak any louder about who and what you care about would be to top off that naturally curly hairstyle with a bold platinum blonde hair color. That’s exactly what professional hairstylist, motivator, and platform artist Kevin Quattlebaum from Personalities Hair Studio in Columbia, SC did when he created this short natural curly hairstyle with a custom blonde hair color. The model makes a statement wherever she goes. She’s announcing to the world that her confidence arrived in the room 10 steps before she did. While this hairstyle may seem simple and carefree, Kevin went to great lengths to ensure that this short natural curly hairstyle would have the perfect color, shape and curl pattern that would enhance his model’s inner diva.

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Naturally Curly Hairstyle

Kevin Quattlebaum from Personalities Hair Studio went to great pains to ensure that throughout this process, the model would be able to keep her own natural curl pattern. Like every great hairstyle, the process to create this look starts at the shampoo bowl. Kevin wanted to ensure the model’s hair didn’t suffer any damage, so he gave her a moisture lock shampoo combined with an extensive conditioner. The shampoo process was followed up with time under a hooded dryer. Kevin says that moisture retention is critical to pull off this short natural curly hairstyle and keep the model’s hair healthy at the same time. “If you’re not careful, the hair can dry out which could lead to flaking or other types of scalp damage. Understanding how to properly hydrate the hair during this process is a good reason to trust your haircare needs to a trusted professional like Kevin Quattlebaum.

Stylist Kevin Quattlebaum
Salon: Personalities Hair Studio
Model: Avery
Makeup: Kristy Quattlebaum

Platinum Blonde Hair Color

One thing is for certain, when you first see this short natural curly hairstyle you will either notice the cut or the hair color first. To achieve this hair color, Kevin Quattlebaum from Personalities Hair Studio had to start with a clean palette. The shampoo process mentioned earlier ensured that he wasn’t having to deal with any residue from past applications. This isn’t some out of the box hair color either. Kevin formulated a customized hair color for this model using different shades of blonde in order to get the exact color need. Kevin says the secret to this beautiful hair color is to take your time. A slower color process ensures the curl pattern will be intact and keep the hair healthy and not dry out. Many people think you can’t wear platinum blonde hair color if your skin complexion isn’t a lighter shade. Kevin Quatlebaum created this elegant hair color combination to prove them wrong.

It’s All in the Cut

To achieve this bold, short look, Kevin used a shear over comb precision cutting technique. This gave him the ability to easily create the short look he was going for. One thing to be careful about with the cut is the appearance of hard lines. This hairstyle should give off a bold feeling, but with the use of soft lines. Understanding proper blending techniques is another reason you want to trust styles like this short naturally curly hairstyle to a professional like Kevin Quattlebaum.

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At-Home Maintenance for a Short Naturally Curly Hairstyle

Keeping this short naturally curly hairstyle looking salon fresh is going to be simple. The model simply needs to keep up her regular shampoo and condition routine and moisturize the hair daily. At night they should wrap their hair in a silk or satin bonnet also. Kevin recommends using a color-safe shampoo and conditioner. This will give your hair its needed hydration while also protecting the platinum blonde hair color. Every morning use some type of moisture lock pomade and place the curls with your fingers. At night, it’s very important to wrap this hairstyle in a silk or satin bonnet in order to keep the hair moisturized.

Introducing Kevin Quattlebaum from Personalities Hair Studio in Columbia, SC

Kevin Quattlebaum is a professional hairstylist and salon owner located at Personalities Hair Studio, 9444 Two Notch Rd., Suite – E in Columbia, SC. Kevin is one of the most published hairstylists in the state. He is also an accomplished platform artist and educator in the haircare industry. Give Kevin Quattlebaum a call at (803) 290-3700 and let him create your nest look.. We think you’ll love the results.

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