Amazing Bob Haircut with Color from Deedra Mcleod from Hartsville, SC

There are times in every girl’s life when she wants to stand out in a crowd. When you’re ready to be the center of attention, this amazing bob haircut with color is just the ticket. This hairstyle from Hartsville, SC professional hairstylist Deedra McLeod will definitely turn heads because of its bold, vibrant hair color. There is also a precision haircut underneath. This hairstyle was created using a bonded hair addition technique. Deedra also performed a custom hair color technique as well as a precision haircut to create this hairstyle. This bob haircut from Deedra McLeod looks flawless. It is the result of an excellent hair addition technique, a custom hair color, and a precision haircut.

Front 800px: Amazing Bob Haircut with Hair Color from Deedra Mcleod from Hartsville, SC
This bob haircut with color is bold, yet sophisticated. The look was created by Deedra Mcleod from Beautiful U Hair Salon

Beautiful Bob Haircut with Color in Columbia, SC

This bob haircut is flawless because of the excellent foundation it was built upon. Deedra McLeod started this hairstyle by creating a custom hair color technique on her own hair that would perfectly match the turquoise blue hair color featured in the human hair extensions she would later add. After using different hues of blue to create the custom hair color, Deedra added some human hair extensions into her hair using a professional bonding technique. Deedra chose to use human hair extensions over synthetic hair because human hair can be curled and gives a better look than synthetic.

To achieve this bob haircut with color, the type of hair extensions used was very important. Deedra McLeod from Beautiful U Hair Salon in Hartsville, SC chose a grade of human hair that would seamlessly match the client’s natural curl pattern and thickness. “One of the main reasons people can’t pull off a look like this is because they don’t take the time to select the proper type of hair extensions,” Deedra says. Using a professional hairstylist like Deedra McLeod from Beautiful U Hair Salon in Hartsville, SC will ensure that you receive the correct texture for your hair extensions.

Bonding vs. Sewn-In Hair Extensions

While most clients would prefer their hair extensions to be sewn in, there are some valid reasons you might choose the bonded method. The main reason a client may choose a bonded hair application over a sew-in if the amount of time involved. Bonded hair additions take a smaller amount of time to install. The thing to remember with bonded hair additions is to keep your own hair protected throughout the process. Deedra McLeod went to great lengths to protect the client’s hair through this bonded hair addition process. First, Deedra gelled her client’s natural hair down and applied paper strips over their hair. Deedra applied the bonding glue to those paper strips.

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At-Home Maintenance for This Bob Haircut with Color

Deedra says that looks like this bob haircut with color are special event hairstyles that aren’t designed to stay in the hair for prolonged periods of time. If you decide to wear this look for longer periods of time, you should lightly shampoo and condition your hair at regular intervals.

When taking care of this bob haircut, Deedra McLeod suggests wrapping the hair at night with a silk or satin bonnet. You could also pin the hair back at night. Either way, in the mornings, just finger through the hair and you’re ready to go.

Introducing Deedra McLeod from Beautiful U Hair Salon in Hartsville, SC

Deedra McLeod is a professional hairstylist and salon owner. She is located at Beautiful U Hair Salon, 144 Marlboro Ave., in Hartsville, SC. Deedra has a reputation for having an eye for detail and a professional attitude. She will definitely create any look you desire, whether it’s a cute bob haircut with color like the one in these images or any other fashionable hairstyle. Give Deedra a call at (843) 383-9122.

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