Cute Hairstyle for Naturally Curly Hair from Nikki Glasgow in Columbia, SC

There is a definite trend in the black haircare community to move away from harsh chemicals. Many of today’s black fashionistas are electing to rock their natural curl pattern instead. We asked, Nikki Glasgow, from Studio Seven hair salon in Columbia, SC to showcase this hairstyle for naturally curly hair. The look features soft curls with most of the hair swept to one side. Nikki also added a custom hair color and added a few hair additions to give the hairstyle fullness and definition. Nikki created a soft body wave curl pattern also. This hairstyle for naturally curly hair is designed with beautiful and healthy also. It’s soft lines and flowing curls are highlighted by the warm colors Nikki added.

Stylist: PhD Nikki Glasgow
Salon: Studio Seven Hair Salon
Model: Bianca
Makeup: Enrika Wilds

Hairstyles for Naturally Curly Hair in Columbia, SC

The foundation of this look is a palette of beautiful, healthy hair. Nikki Glasgow from Studio Seven Hair Salon in Columbia started to create this hairstyle by giving her client a precision haircut designed to remove any damaged ends that may have been present around the hair. A proper haircut is essential to keep frizzies from encompassing the curls and detracting from the look.

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Another little secret that Nikki let us in on was the fact that she added a few body wave tracks into the hairstyle. To give this hairstyle for naturally curly hair fullness and volume, these human hair additions were added. Nikki chose to use human hair because synthetic hair additions would not give her client the volume she wanted in this hairstyle. Nikki knew exactly what she wanted this hairstyle to look like and how she wanted it to function when she was completed. She used her keen eye and her professional expertise throughout the entire process to create a soft hairstyle with bold features.

Nikki accentuated her client’s natural curl pattern by using 1-inch curlers throughout. The curlers accompanied by the body wave hair additions created the bouncy curls that frame the client’s face.

Reddish Brown Highlights Create Definition

When her client arrived, Nikki noticed that she was wearing a golden-brown hair color. Nikki decided to accentuate the client’s current hair color by adding some reddish-brown highlights throughout the hairstyle. The reddish-brown highlights accentuate the soft curls by making their movement more prominent. This also helps to bring attention to the fact that these curls will fall right back into place whenever she stops moving. To achieve this hair color, Nikki Glasgow from Studio Seven Hair Salon in Columbia, SC implemented a custom hair color technique on the human body wave hair additions before she applied them to the hairstyle. Nikki used different shades of red and brown to create this custom hair color that is a perfect complement to the client’s golden-brown hair underneath.

At-Home Maintenance

Nikki ensured that her client would have no trouble taking care of this cute hairstyle for naturally curly hair at home. According to Nikki, the client can either use Flexi-rods or pin curls at night to keep the curl pattern. The client should also wrap their hair every night with a silk or satin bonnet. In the mornings, they just need to pull out the curls by running their fingers through their hair. Ensuring that her client would have a simple at-home maintenance routine is one of the many reasons that Nikki Glasgow from Studio Seven Hair Salon is one of the most sought-after professional hairstylists in Columbia, SC.

Introducing Nikki Glasgow from Studio Seven Hair Salon in Columbia, SC

Phd Nikki Glasgow is a nationally published, professional hairstylist located at Studio Seven Hair Salon in the Columbia, SC area. Some of the largest black hair publications in the world feature Nikki’s work also. She has a reputation for an impassioned desire to create stunningly beautiful hairstyles. Each one is unique to each of her clients. If you are ever in the Columbia, SC area, treat yourself to the hair care services at Studio Seven. You can reach them at (803) 295-0007 in order to book your appointment.

How to Take Care Of Your Hairstyle for Naturally Curly Hair at Home

  1. Protein Treatments

    Once every six weeks, be sure to have a protein treatment. This will protect your hair from breakage and split ends.

  2. Deep Conditioner

    Natural hair does not retain moisture well. A deep conditioner at least once a month will help to keep your hair hydrated.

  3. Use a Daily Moisturizer

    Use some coconut oil, shea butter or a combination of the two every day to also help your hair retain moisture.

  4. Wrap the Hair at Night

    Wrap the hair with a silk or satin bonnet every night to lock in that moisture.

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