An Ancient Solution to Sleek Hair

PUREToday’s consumer is interested in using natural products for her hair treatment. To serve this need, salons are branching out into a wider range of botanicals to provide hair repair. Pure is a hair ointment from Salon Exclusive enriched with a light oil from the Moroccan argan tree which is used to make hair shiny and sleek.

The argan tree was first brought to the attention of western civilization during the 16th century. Explorer Leo Africanus wrote of its healing properties and described how the Moroccans pressed the tree’s pit to gather its oil for use in cosmetics. Samples soon made their way to Holland where attempts at cultivation began in the early 1700s. However, the argan tree only thrives in a hot dry climate. This has resulted in limited production and makes the oil even more valuable.

The chemical structure of argan’s light oil allows deep penetration of the hair follicles without feeling heavy or leaving residue. The nutrients in the treatment are completely taken in by the hair without any grease being left behind. The oil is full of vitamin E and fatty acids, and Salon Exclusive feels it is the perfect addition to the Pure hair treatment.

Natural products like the Moroccan argan tree offer exciting new alternatives in the field of hair repair. The benefits of nutrient rich styling agents are visible with each application. Salon Exclusive is proud to feature Pure hair ointment to women who want volume and shine without unnecessary weight and grease.

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