Red Hot Rihanna at the AMA’s

2010 American Music Awards - ArrivalsRihanna turned heads at the 2010 American Music Awards last year. Along with her sexy, see-through gown, she got creative by sporting an explosion of sultry red curls to match it. The total ensemble was a striking mix of Shirley Temple meets Femme Fatale.

Want to achieve the same attention-grabbing effect? Hit the hair salons for some special treatment, or just grab your basic hair-care products and curling iron at home. The style works best with medium-length hair, but you can get creative with curly hairstyles of any length. Simply follow these steps:

1. First, wash and condition your hair for that healthy sheen. Blow-dry or air-dry, and finish the preparation by spraying your hair with a heat-protection product to prevent any damage from the curling iron.

2. Next, separate your locks into 4 or 6 parts, using pins or ties, to keep things neat and make the curling process easier to handle.

3. Then, starting with the back bottom-most part, wrap a lock of hair about 1 inch thick around the curling iron from root to tip. Heat the lock for 10-15 seconds, then release and pin it up. Carefully work your way forward, heating and pinning.

4. When you’re done, unpin the curls and let them loose! Separate any that are too thick, play with the shape until you’re satisfied, and then do a quick job with some hairspray to keep things looking good.

Step aside, Rihanna. You’re not the only one who can pull off the curls!

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