Ashley Coutain’s “Soft Textures” Curly Asymmetric Hairstyle

Salon: Godly Image Hair Studio
Stylist: Ashley Coutain
Model: Regina
Make Up: Lori Miles

These magnificent curls that Ashley Coutain has mastered in creating are perfect for almost every event. Whether it be for casual Friday, a weekend barbecue, or even that annual charity gala, this hairstyle will deliver. This style is perfect, chic and also provides a style that lasts all day! It is also incredibly flattering for any face of any shape because of its volume and overall length. Creating this fantastic look is so easy to achieve! Without further ado, here is a step by step tutorial in creating Florida native, Ashley Coutain!
Step One:
Start out with dry hair and evenly spray on your heat protectent spray. Blow dry it to avoid damaging and drying out the hair even more with a lot of moisture whilst curling it.
Step Two:
Turn on your 11/2″ curling iron to whatever temperature is best suited for your hair types. (Applying hot heat to fine, thin hair is incredibly bad for it while those with thicker, more course hair it would be perfect).
Step Three:
When your curling iron is hot and ready, start curling from the bottom up to about halfway. If you have very curly textured hair like me, you’re going to need to turn on your flat iron as well. In order to create this sleek look all curly flyaways must be tamed.
Step Four:
Continue curling hair until all of the hair has been styled. Lightly spray hairspray until the style is firmly set. It may be even better to both spray heat protectant and hairspray before styling if your hair is too sleek to hold a shape for long.
Step Five:
Enjoy! The best thing about a style like this is that it can easily be worn for a few days! Instead of washing your hair and ruining the style, try to lightly comb it out to make the curls more relaxed and silky.
If you have any questions or would like to see more, contact Ashley Coutain from Godly Image Hair Studio in Ft. Walton Beach, FL, (850)862-3200.

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