Updo Kid’s Hairstyle from Tanisha Higgins

Salon: A Heavenly Place in Hair
Stylist: Tanisha Higgins
Model: Tia
Make Up: Lori Miles

There are various hairstyles that can make kid’s hair look beautiful and also make the kid feel happy and excited. They include the kid’s braids, cornrow, Havana twist and cornrow, 2-strand twist braids and the famous Updo Kids’ hairstyle from Tanisha Higgins among others. The Updo Kids’ type of hairstyle is an all occasion style for instance it can be used for wedding parties, going to school, to church, for holiday and for all other occasions the updo works perfectly

It is important to note that parents are greatly responsible for hairstyle decisions as long as the child is below the age of eighteen years. Hairstyle is not exclusively meant for women; it also includes the men and in this cases the boy child below the age of majority. Fashion or the hairstyle of the girls however remains more crucial than that of small boy. for a small boys, just an ordinary cut and a good style cut will work the magic. for the girl child the style have to be attractive , appealing, cute and girlish. there for the updo for the girls is one amazing look that changes the small girl into a beauty female lady, respectable and beautiful.
On the other hand, there many other hairstyles for the girls and they include short hair cuts such as a simple bob, a layered haircut, a pixie for little girls and a cut for the kids. The girls’ hair dos come with instructions explaining how to cut and style the hair so as to make better the looks and make the hair more classic. In addition to this the size of the hair of the kid matters, it can either be long hair, medium hair or small hair and each size has different hairstyles that can be done on it for instance the long hair can be made in such a way that there is a fringe and plaits.

Nevertheless the updoKids’ hairstyle from Tanisha Higgins has stood above the rest for their ultimate beauty and class, and an fashion for all occasion. the spiral plaited line that start from the forehead, and follow the spiral design all around the head and finally it held in the middle make the style elegant. A curly finishing from the middle part creates a unique mini afro like hair curls perfectly held in the middle and easy to add a ribbon on for matching with any outfit. for the function. Thisupdo Kids’ hairstyle from Tanisha Higgins works well in a brilliant reddish brown color but may work with any other like black or blond.

For teenage girls, these updo Kids’ type of hairstyle is still quite fashionable so as it can be pleasing to them and also help them feel in style and fashionable in the society especially in instances where they are frequently complimented that the hair looks good. This helps boost the self esteem of the kids and teenagers since the hair style bring out the elegant femininity.

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