Beautiful Bob Hairstyle for Black Women from Carla Harris

Ms. Carla’s Unique Hair Designs certainly delivers on its name as stated, as a result her talents are in high demand. This bob hairstyle for black women is directly from the hair god’s themselves! This sexy yet classic and even corporate cut is coupled with blondes for the sex appeal that most of us do love and appreciate. With A part in the center to elegantly frame the face and stacks in the back to elongate the neck, this style has a touch a glamour.

Salon: Ms. Carla’s Unique Hair Designs
Stylist: Carla Harris
Model: Ayla Tyler
Make Up: Carla Harris

Bob Hairstyle for Black Women

Carla puts special pizazz into this style. The cut is executed so perfectly with the stacks in the back, asymmetrical bob cut. This whole cut is built to be coupled with this color. The color and cut plays together so naturally and as a result this look is timeless. Carla lifted the hair to a blonde and toned into a love blonde. This color can be tailored for you. To top off the treat, the hair is flat ironed and bumped with moving curls. The movement from the cut and color makes it easy for the curls to fall into movement in the hair. High sheen and polish is infused throughout the shampooing, conditioning and styling process. All of these ingredients makes for a sweet honey blonde bombshell bob.

Introducing Carla Harris from Ms. Carla’s Unique Hair Design

Ms. Carla’s Unique Hair Designs is nestled in the beautiful city of Columbia South Carolina. The biggest motto with the staff is 100% customer service, as a result you will be well taken care of. Your satisfaction is top priority because your patronage is not taken lightly. Carla is a veteran in the hair industry who places healthy hair above all else. With several years under her belt for learning and growing, she has the know- how to provide multi services in light environment. Your time is valuable, therefore trust Carla to do it right the first time. To best help ensure that scheduling Is adequate, it is preferred that appointments for consultations as well as appointments be made in advance either through phone, 803-743-5147 or by website. Be slayed in the best way!

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