Men’s Fade Hairstyle from Raqual Bryan

Sharp lines are one of the signatures of a great barber. The fading and blending are another! Raqual Byran shows off her impressive barbering skills in this straight forward yet clean men’s fade hairstyle that is low cut with a light temple and nape fade. In this male dominated industry of barbering, Raqual shows us why she is a barber and one of the best!

Salon: Creative Cutz
Stylist: Raqual Byran
Model: Brandon
Make Up: Enrika Wilds

Clean Cut Men’s Fade Hairstyle

Like with any low cut, crisp and clean edges are everything. The magic is the even cut with no gaps and the way she maintained and even enhanced the waves by cutting with the hair growth. She then gave a light temple fade to keep the cut very clean and modern. The blending is so delicate that you cannot tell where the fading ends or begins. One of the most common worries when selecting a barber is will they mess up your hair line. The answer is Raqual will not. Her training, experience and natural skills allows her to take proper precautions to protect the hair line. That is not the extent of her skills. She barbers’ beards and other facial hair. We all know how a clean haircut can level up a man like a fresh hairdo can a lady!

Introducing Raqual Bryan of Creative Cutz Barbershop

If you want to be next in line for your men’s fade hairstyle, then contact Raqual Byran of Creative Cutz in Yemmasse Florida. Nestled away in a quiet town is a hidden jewel in the barbering world! Raqual and the staff of Creative Cutz is dedicated to offering the best customer service, the best experience and the best chop for you! In a welcoming environment, you will be able to have peace and know that your cut is top of the line fresh. Schedule your appointment today via or you can directly contact Raqual in Creative Cutz.

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