Beautiful Braided Updo with Hair Color from Tish Summers

People are always wanting something different for an updo. Braiding can be fun, but sometimes black women feel they may not have a lot of options when it comes to braids hairstyles. For a night out or just something to keep in the hair for a while, a person might want an extravagance. This braided updo with hair color by Tish Summers from Shear Diva Designz is beautiful and can be worn anywhere. It’s classy and yet it has a funky air to it. People who get this hairstyle are those who have tried a lot of other styles. They are also people who don’t mind wearing their hair differently and experimenting.

Braided Updo with Hair Color

This type of updo is a lot of work. Thankfully though, after the hair is let down, it can still be a functional hairstyle. The different colors lend a sort of diversity to the style. All in all, the visual interest is in the colors. Even though there is a bit of green in the look, there are some natural-looking colors. For instance, the blond and the red could be put into any hairstyle. The combination of all three colors makes for a light-hearted vibe to the hair. It can still be taken seriously though. People will be mostly talking about the color when they comment on the braided updo.

Keep Your Hairstyle Maintenance Simple

You have to like big, ropey, dread-like braids to enjoy this braided updo with hair color. It’s a full looking braid that comprises the look. Tish designed the hairstyle for maintenance to be easy. Just shampoo at the roots on a regular basis. You will have to get some styling cream to make sure that the braids stay fresh. Make sure to follow the hairstylist’s instructions implicitly if you want to make sure that the hair stays for a long time. You might have to get some special products for maintenance and even shampoos and conditioners.

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You will still need the help of a professional hairstylist like Tish Summers to take this look from evening to a day look. It’s mainly meant for a special night out where you wear your hair in a bun. This hairstyle is definitely going to be the dynamic and an automatic attention-getter. That’s why you should enjoy it and make sure that you go somewhere where you get noticed.

Use Jewelry and Gold Nylon for Accent Pieces

There are a few other fun flourishes to the hair. For example, there is a gold jewelry piece in the style. These have become popular to give braided hairstyles that bit more. Some pieces of rope are placed along with certain braids. These again are to give the style an extra lift.

Life is about treating yourself right. You should splurge if you haven’t had a night out where you get all dolled up in a while. It’s the type of bun too that is great for pictures. Think about if you have a wedding where you are part of the wedding party. You can make special memories and enjoy them later in the pictures. Book in with Clyde Foust for this delightful updo that will make you into the life of the party.

Front View: Beautiful Braided Updo with Hair Color Back View: Beautiful Braided Updo with Hair Color Full Body: Beautiful Braided Updo with Hair Color Left View: Beautiful Braided Updo with Hair Color Right View: Beautiful Braided Updo with Hair Color 3rd Front View: Beautiful Braided Updo with Hair Color 2nd Front View: Beautiful Braided Updo with Hair Color

Salon: Shear Diva Designz / Tru Blendz Barbershop
Stylist: Tish Summers
Model: Tish
Makeup: Deirdre Clay

Introducing Tish Summers from Shear Diva Designz in Fayetteville, NC

This braided updo hairstyle was created by professional hairstylist and educator Tish Summers from Shear Diva Designz Hair Salon. The salon is located at 1555 Cain Road, Suite – 103 in Fayetteville, NC. Tish is a nationally published cosmetologist whose work is regularly featured in top hair publications like Hype Hair and Sophisticate’s Black Hair Styles and Care Guide. Give Tish a call at (910) 882-1579 and let her create your next signature hairstyle.

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