Long Faux Locs Goddess Braids Hairstyle from Tish Summers

We all know you can never go wrong with a nicely done long faux locs goddess braids hairstyles like the one in these images. There are so many ways to do your braids that will help project your style or personality. It doesn’t matter the type of color, size, or length you prefer; braids will always be at your service.

This faux locs hairstyle is easy to install and will serve you for months. Remember, however; everything will give you service for longer as long as you know how to take good care of it and braids are no exception. 

Faux Locs Goddess Braids Hairstyles Look Great and Last Longer

One of the most exciting aspects of this hairstyle is you will notice that it still looks stylish as it ages. It will be exceptionally amazing when freshly done, but you will not have to worry about it looking a messy or begin to frizz once it starts to age. Just keep it clean and tidy, and it will do you good even after it has stayed on for a while.

How can you not get excited to have faux locks when it locks in your hair so well? Locking hair in makes hair grow faster, longer, and thicker, especially if your hair is 100% natural. It is referred to as a protective hairstyle as it helps reduce breakage, especially from straining strands of your hair. The installation process is what protects your hair from damage. Different people do it differently, but the preferred and recommended way of installation is first making braids with your hair and then later installing the braids by crocheting them into the hair braids. Crocheting is the method used in the installation of these goddess braids.

Goddess Braids Give the Client Options

This particular hairstyle has a couple of twists or additions to it that makes it very stylish. I’m digging the way Tish Summers, the hairstylist pulled some hair off the braids and made them curly, that’s beautiful. It makes the hair look fuller and unique. The fuller the hair is, the easier it is to style. Can you imagine all the ways you could play around with goddess braids hairstyles? This look has limitless possibilities with all the styling you can do.  It would be hard to get bored with it.

Goddess braids hairstyles with color are definitely in right now, and it’s so exciting how this hairstyle has stripes of color in it. To add to the hairstyles ambiance, Tish didn’t go with one color overall but gave it character by making the blue and pink pop up, its edgy and unique. To make this hairstyle your own, you can add hair accessories like the gold or silver coated jewelry or clip-on.

Have a Professional Hairstylist Install Your Faux Locs

Goddess braids hairstyles are very light. Nobody ever wants braids that are heavy and tightly done because obviously, they are a nuisance. It would be hard to sleep or move around without getting yourself a good old headache. So that’s the reason people always choose to utilize the services of a professional hairstylist when they decide to try goddess braids hairstyles. Tish Summers from Shear Diva Designz will create a beautiful look for you while also ensuring the goddess braids she creates will not be so tight on the hair to create scalp damage.  They are incredibly lightweight; you won’t remember you have them on your head.

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Goddess braids hairstyles are a definite go-to style for anyone. They are classy, edgy, and stylish. The color pop gives it and the person who is wearing the hair, character, and uniqueness. The style is easy and fast to install. The goddess braids are very easy to maintain and style, you can close your eyes and do whatever you want, and they’ll look great! Goddess braids last longer and will still look fabulous even when they’ve stayed a little longer. Now let me point out how amazingly done these goddess braids are. Tish Summers from Shear Diva Designz knows exactly what she is doing with your hair and trust and believe she’ll make a healthy beautiful hairstyle, your top priority.

New Background: Long Faux Locs Goddess Braids Hairstyle Water Splash View: Long Faux Locs Goddess Braids Hairstyle 3/4 View: Long Faux Locs Goddess Braids Hairstyle Back View: Long Faux Locs Goddess Braids Hairstyle Right View: Long Faux Locs Goddess Braids Hairstyle Hands in Hair View: Long Faux Locs Goddess Braids Hairstyle Hair Flying View: Long Faux Locs Goddess Braids Hairstyle 3rd Frnt View: Long Faux Locs Goddess Braids Hairstyle 2nd Front View: Long Faux Locs Goddess Braids Hairstyle Right View: Long Faux Locs Goddess Braids Hairstyle Front View: Long Faux Locs Goddess Braids Hairstyle

Salon: Shear Diva Designz / Tru Blendz Barbershop
Stylist: Tish Summers
Model: Joy
Makeup: Deirdre Clay

Introducing Tish Summers from Shear Diva Designz in Fayetteville, NC

Tish Summers is a professional hairstylist from Shear Diva Designz, located at 1555 Cain Road, Suite – 103, in Fayetteville, NC. Tish is a nationally published cosmetologist and educator. Her work has been featured in publications like Hype Hair and Sophisticate’s Black Hair Styles and Care Guide. When you’re ready to try out the newest goddess braids hairstyles, give Tish Summers a call at (910) 882-1579.

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