Beautiful Gator Braid Ponytail Hairstyle from Tiffany Thames

Ponytail hairstyles for black women are becoming highly sought after. These are the black hairstyles for women that are edgy and sophisticated. However, they have to be interesting as well to be versatile enough for every day wear.  

This hairstyle by Tiffany Thames is endlessly fascinating. The front in a huge pompadour that serves to elongate the entire face. Watch a wider shaped face be transformed into an oval with this wizardry. The sides are a beautiful compilation of braids in an intricate pattern. A person will marvel at the skill it took to get such a polished pattern.

Salon: Main Attraction Hair Studio
Stylist: Tiffany Thames
Model: Sabrina
Make Up: Chandra Peak

There is a long braid framing the back of the ponytail. It helps the hair to look thicker and give a full look to the side and back of the head. The braid also adds visual interest.

Most people that see this hairstyle will appreciate all the work that went into it. It is not just something that a woman can get done in an hour at the salon. That is why a woman will be able to wear it to any function, no matter how fancy. It also works for a casual day shopping with the girls.

If you had any doubt about ponytail hairstyles, by this point, you are no doubt sold. The best part of hairstyles from Main Attraction Hair Studio is that they are accessible to any client that visits the chain of salons.

If you want this hairstyle, just ask in advance for a stylist who can perform the Gator Braid Ponytail Hairstyle by Tiffany Thames. This one will take an advance booking because the stylist will have to allot an appropriate amount of time to create a finished product.

Make your hair style work for you with a Gator Braid Ponytail Hairstyle by Tiffany Thames. You will enjoy all the compliments that you receive.

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