Short Edgy Faux Hawk Hairstyle from Natausha Ray

Short hairstyles for black women have plenty of pizzazz. However, this is one of the faux hawk hairstyles that blows them all out of the water. The Short Edgy Faux Hawk by Natausha Ray combines the elements of color and uneven cutting to create a look that is truly modern.

If you love to color your hair but don’t want to do it when it is long, this cut will give the perfect length to play with. The bright red is sassy and edgy, designed for patrons who truly love a flair. It has a lot of length with the color, so it can be enjoyed until a person wants to chop it off.

Salon: Salon 921
Stylist: Natausha Ray
Model: Keelyn
Make Up: Crystal Dixon

The sides of this style are super buzzed. They are meant for women who are daring and not afraid to start from scratch to get just the right cut. The bangs of the front are top heavy and flow into the face. They add a cute look to the cut and are one of the best features of this look.

Everyone loves to have that tail in the back of the head. The look was very popular 8 years ago, and since then, it has not died down. The look comes from an era in which women were just trying new things with their hair. They were proving to the world that short styles can be super trending. That was the time when women started lobbing off their hair in search of a light weight edgy flow.

If you truly want to stand out, request the Short Edgy Faux Hawk by Natausha Ray. You will love universal salons because all the stylists can implement the looks with ease. It takes all the risk out of trying a new style for your tresses. You know you’re in good hands at our locations.

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