Beautiiful Long Hairstyle with Curls and Hair Color from Kevin Quattlebaum

We have entered a time where, with the right help, today’s fashionista can achieve virtually any look they want. Such is the case with this beautiful long hairstyle with curls and hair color. The look was created by Columbia, SC hairstylist Kevin Quattlebaum from Personalities Hair Salon. Kevin implemented a custom hair color, flat iron curls, as well as a hair addition technique in order to achieve this look. He also made sure to protect the model’s own natural hair in the process. Kevin Quattlebaum is known for creating eye-popping looks and this long hairstyle with curls and hair color fits right into his portfolio of gorgeous hairstyles.

Stylist Kevin Quattlebaum
Salon: Personalities Hair Studio
Model: Alexis
Makeup: Kristy Quattlebaum

Long Hairstyle with Curls and Hair Color

This model likes to wear her natural curl pattern. To achieve this look, Kevin actually braided her hair underneath some clip-on hair additions. This is a more convenient option for models who don’t want to wear their hair out because of the weather, or any other number of factors. Kevin made sure to leave out enough of the model’s natural hair to blend with the clip-on hair additions in order to achieve a more natural look.

Before Kevin applied the hair additions, he created a custom hair color formula that is designed to enhance the model’s look while also giving the hairstyle definition. Kevin chose to use different hues of red and orange to create this warm hair color that defines each curl as they bounce up and down. He added the hair additions over the model’s natural hair once the hair color was applied.

Curls, Curls, Curls

While the color is definitely bangin, we can’t go any further without mentioning this beautiful curl pattern Kevin also created. Kevin used a flat iron around the bottom half of the head to achieve these curls. The elegant curls, along with the warm hair colors create the perfect look for fall.

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At-Home Maintenance

Kevin made sure the look he created would be easy for his model to take care of when she got home. He recommends 4 or 5 flexi-rods in the hair every night to help keep the curls. With proper maintenance, Kevin suggests this look could last for a couple of months with proper at-home care also.

Introducing Kevin Quattlebaum from Personalities Hair Studio in Columbia, SC

Kevin Quattlebaum from Personalities Hair Studio created this long hairstyle with curls and hair color. The salon is located at 9444 Two Notch Road, Suite E, in Columbia, SC. Kevin is a nationally published hairstylist and educator. He is in high demand, around the United States, for his energetic cosmetology classes, where he teaches the newest hairstyle techniques also. Along with being a talented platform artist, educator and salon owner, Kevin Quattlebaum is a motivational speaker and lecturer. All these traits create one of the best salon experiences around. There is no wonder why scoring a slot on Kevin’s appointment is considered such a hot commodity.  Kevin Quattlebaum will ensure your hairstyle is gorgeous and meets all of your specifications. Give him a call at (202) 200-7183.

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