Stunning Short Blonde Hairstyle for Black Women from Deedra Mcleod

Ask any fashion-conscious young woman, and some of the most difficult hairstyles to pull off for anyone can be short blonde ones. Short blonde hairstyles for black women present two unique problems that many other hairstyles don’t. First, you have to be very considerate about how to best present the form of your hair in a short length. Second, if you are not a natural blonde, you have to work to find a matching and appropriate blonde hue that exemplifies your skin tone instead of detracting from it.

Many women will even go so far as to shy away from using blonde hues because they rarely look natural if you are not a natural blonde. With her take on the short blonde hairstyle for black women, Deedra Mcleod has chosen the perfect blonde hue and the perfect structure to pull off this look. Anyone interested in getting a short blonde hairstyle should look at what Deedra Mcleod has done here with her beautiful model Alice for inspiration or example.

Salon: Beautiful U
Stylist: Deedra Mcleod
Model: Alice
Makeup: Deirdre Clay

Short Blonde Hairstyle for Black Women

The short blonde hairstyle for black women Deedra McLeod has created consists of multiple colors layered with a feathered look. It is an asymmetrical short cut, favoring one side of the face more than the other. The natural hair is died to accentuate its natural color with a tapered back. A blonde pin-curl weave comes around the front, held with bonding glue. Waves along the sides serve to soften the transition between colors. On Alice, this short blonde hairstyle for black women is stunning. The look is elegant and playful at the same time. It would fit in at a business meeting as it would at a get-together, whether formal or casual.

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This hairstyle looks to the past and looks to the future. It echoes Marilyn Monroe as much as it does a modern-day songstress. This duality would seem very appealing for any complex, young women looking to for short blonde hairstyles that match their personality, showing them off as the girls on fire that they are. The blonde weaves bring to mind the flames on the side of a race car or lightning in a bottle. They remind one of the bustling and transcendent streams of electricity boiling within our beautiful brains.

Introducing Deedra McLeod from Beautiful U Hair Salon in Hartsville, SC

Deedra Mcleod works out of Beautiful U Salon located in Hartsville, South Carolina. Her work is exemplary. Many women in the area frequent her shop to get their hair redesigned by this stunning and upcoming artist. For her take on a short, blonde hairstyle for black women, we praise her with our highest respects. It would be highly recommended that if you are in the area, you go and visit Deedra. Whether you are looking for short blonde hairstyles for black women or would like to see what other unique looks she can give you to pay tribute to your most attractive attributes, a visit to Deedra is guaranteed to get you feeling fabulous with a new and appealing look.

Beautiful U Hair Salon is located at 144 Marlboro Avenue in Hartsville, South Carolina. Give the talented staff there a call at (843) 383-9122. They’ll be happy to create a new look for you.

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