‘Blond Ambition” Short, Curly Hairstyle for Black Women

This beautiful, short, curly black hairstyle was created by Charlotte, NC cosmetologist Leslie Brown. Leslie is the owner of The Style, The Look, The Salon and has been published in many national publications over the years. If you would like to book Leslie for your next appointment, give her a call at (704) 527-0200.

A stylish haircut can make a world of difference for black women. There are a variety of short hairstyles that look amazing and are easy to maintain. When deciding on what type of short haircut to get, it is a good idea to do some research. A short hairstyle has many benefits to offer women. It does not take much work to maintain each day. Short hair does not use as much hair products which can save money. A short blonde hairstyle is popular among black women and it offers a complimenting sex appeal look. The short blonde with added curl is stylish and flirtatious. A change in hairstyle can make a difference in how you feel and it portrays confidence and character.

Salon: The Style, The Look, The Salon / Hair Stylist: Leslie Brown / Model: Romissa

To begin the short hairstyle cut process, shampoo, and condition the hair. Ensure that all the soap is rinsed out and the water runs clear. You can use a towel to soak up most of the water for a quicker drying process. Once the hair is completely dry, the transformation process can begin. Use either a sharp pair of hair cutting scissors or trimmers to begin cutting the hair. Make sure that the cutting tool you choose is sharp. If the blade is dull it can make hair cutting extremely difficult. Begin cutting or trimming the back of the hair to the desired length you would like. If you normally add curl to your hair you may want to leave it long enough to do this. Cut the sides and top the same length for a full look. Once the hair is cut to the desired length it is time apply a blonde shade of hair coloring if desired.

Mix the hair dye and solution up according to instructions. Shake it well to make sure the solution is mixed properly and evenly. Start at the top of the head and begin applying the hair dye. If you want to keep the roots darker, then you can lightly apply to roots and give a heavier coverage to the rest of the hair. Divide the hair into sections when applying the hair dye. This ensures that the mixture is evenly distributed and leave less room for error. Leave the hair color on the hair per instructions and keep checking to see if the color is at its fullest shade. Once the color is complete you can rinse the hair until the water runs clear. Apply the condition crème to the hair and let it set for a two minutes. Then rinse thoroughly. Let hair dry and the style it as preferred.

For a curly effect, use a medium size curling rod to administer curls to the hair. Start at the top and work your way to the back of the head. It is best to use smaller strands of hair. This will help ensure that all hair gets curled and no strands are missed. It will also allow the curls to be similar in size and appear to have a fuller curl effect. Spray a light coating of hairspray the curls to keep them in place and style as preferred. Now that your new short hairstyle is complete; you can show it off to friends and family. Enjoy the new stunning and sexy look.

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