Soft “Curly Craze” Hairstyle from Leslie Brown

This short, curly black hairstyle was created by Leslie Brown from The Style, The Look, The Salon in Charlotte, NC.  Leslie is a professional cosmetologist whose work has been featured in many national publications. Give Leslie a call at (704) 527-0200.

A hairstyle can say a lot about a person’s character and personality. It is important to find the black hairstyle that works for you. There are a variety of different cuts, and styles that women can choose from. A popular category of hairstyles is shorter hairstyles for black women. The short haircuts can be easy to take care of and styled differently for a variety of beautiful looks. A black hairstyle can bring out the bone structure and contour the face for a sexy appeal. Shorter hair can even be curled on top to provide a different creative look.

There are many benefits to choosing a short hairstyle. It is cooler to wear than long hair. It does not take much work to style in the mornings. The short hair requires fewer hair products to maintain and use. Different short hair options do not even need any type of maintenance at all. Some women will get up and run their fingers through their hair and go. This form of hairstyle will save time and energy that can be used for other things. It works great for last minute invitations because you do not have to spend hours fixing the hair and worry about being late.

Salon: The Style, The Look, The Salon / Hair Stylist: Leslie Brown / Model: Tiara

There are several steps to take, in order to get a short hairstyle. Before getting the cut completed it is a good idea to know exactly how you want it cut. You can look at magazine pictures or online photos to find a look that you would enjoy having. This will give you a chance to see the haircut on someone else and realize what your hair is going to look like once it is completed.

The next step is to shampoo and condition the hair. Once the products are rinsed free from the hair, use a towel to help speed up the drying process. It would be a good idea to part your hair how you would normally wear it before the hair completely dries. You can use sharp scissors or a hair trimmer to cut the back of the hair. It is better to cut it shorter in length than the top and sides of the hair. Once you have the hair to the desired length in the back, you may want to taper it for creative style. The top and sides of the hair can be trimmed to a short length, but leave it a few inches longer than the back of the hair. The reason for this is for styling purposes.

You can leave the hair the way it is after the cut or you can decide to add some curls. If you choose to add some curls; it would be better to use a small rod curling iron. You can play around with the curls to give you a magnificent appearance. Take a small strand of hair on top and begin curling the hair. You can have the curls go in one direction or several directions. Whichever you prefer to do. The more you become creative with your hair, the easier it will be to decide which option you like better. Once you have curled the top and side of the hair, you can use a pick to spread out the curls. When the hair has been styled to suit your preference, a touch of Hairspray can be applied to keep it in place. The short, curly, black hairstyle is a good choice and has become popular among women.

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