Blond Barbie Medium Hairstyle with Curls and a Braid from Brittney Branch

Salon: Kenneth Shuler School of Cosmetology / Greenville, SC
Stylist: Brittney Branch
Model: Caitlin
Make Up: Paige Jackson

This hairstyle is simple, beautiful and easy to create. It is most ideal for long hairstyles and those with blond hair. To begin, part the hair accordingly. Gather clips, a parting comb, a thermal spray, hair spray and a curling iron. Spray the thermal spray on the hair so that it will be protected from the heat of the curling iron. Then, clip the hair into sections using the comb to part the sections neatly. Curl each section individually, always using the comb to part. Ensure that the curl is emphasized near the longest parts of the hair. Hold the curling iron in a vertical position and wrap the hair around it. Maintain the vertical position, then slowly release the newly formed curl. When all of the hair has been curled, section a small area of hair near the front of the face. Braid this section into a dutch braid, then secure with an elastic. Lightly brush through the curls and spritz them with hairspray. Some hairstyles are difficult to create, but that is not the case with this one. It only takes minutes to complete and it is beautiful.

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