Caitlin Bates’ Long Flowing Rocking Waves Hairstyle

Caitlin Bates’ Long Flowing Rocking Waves Hairstyle

Salon: Kenneth Shuler School of Cosmetology / Greenville, SC
Stylist: Caitlin Bates
Model: Brittney
Make Up: Maranda Williams

These are a very classic kind of long hairstyles that work very well for persons who want to look very casual. The first part of creating these hairstyles is getting the hair color right. This is done by dying one’s hair so that it is a nice deep brown. A person should then cut their hair so that it can be owns naturally below the shoulder. For most persons, they can achieve the nice curls in this hair style by scrunching it up after taking a shower. It is also possible to achieve the curls of this hair style by lightly ironing it.

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