Blunt Cut Bob Haircut with Weave from Ashley Wright You Need to See

To be quite blunt, this bob is SHARP! Shoulder length healthy tresses showcases the chic finish of the style. Simple does not always mean boring. An elegant style such as done by stylist, Ashley Wright, gives sheer classic beauty. Even in today’s time and age, this bob is relevant and on fire!

Salon: Karline’s Salon
Stylist: Ashley Wright
Model: Latoya
Make Up: Deirdre Clay

It’s All In the Haircut

With a steady hand, and masterful skill, Ashley made a blunt cut. Cutting at the shoulder gave youth to the look. Ashley’s choice to do a blunt line for the hair gave her facial features a pop! It takes a skillful handful hand to achieve such a clean line and chic edge. Healthy hair must first be achieved.  Without it, your ends will not be able to support the look. However, commercial hair may be available as well or as an option. Not only is the edge sharp and crisp, but the straight silky hair reflects health and hair wisdom. Ashley did not fail to deliver the high gloss either!

Speaking of cool lines. To add more pizazz, Ashley adds a nice and wisely placed curved part to create an elegant streamline. Whether a sew-in or hair addition, blow out, or flat ironed, this style can be transformed from many situations.

Ashley’s experience is an automatic key factor in her success! The entire staff at Karline’s Salon is extremely seasoned, knowledgeable and courteous. Over customer service is the goal with each and every visit into Ashley’s chair in Karline’s Salon. This very style is obvious proof that sometimes less is more. This overall look is packed with a bunch of fancy thrills. Instead, this particular look is highlighted with precision and ability.

Ashley is ready and able to use blunt force to break through the same old do! Book an online appointment or call into the salon to schedule your transformation.


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