Colorful Men’s Natural Hairstyle from Termekia Bentley

Dare to be different! Why live a boring life, when you can be IN LIVING COLOR! This trendy and fashion forward men’s hairstyle is the new wave and all the rave!! Two strikingly vibrant colors clash in the middle to give the perfect thrill factor! This style IS NOT for the faint of heart, or for those that like being behind the scenes. Instead this style is for the bold AND the beautiful.  

Salon: Karline’s Salon
Stylist: Termekia Bentley
Model: Troy
Make Up: Ashley Wright

Natural Hair Color

This eye catching, and appealing color choice was completed by Termikia Bentley, another amazing stylist in Karline’s Hair Salon located in the wonderful city of West Palm Beach Florida. Termikia prepared the hair to be healthy enough to support such rich and vibrant colors. The combination of Turquoise / Aqua blue and a rich neon green is an a mashup of excitement. You could customize this split color trend with your own options. Maybe you even want more than just two colors! No problem! Termikia can apply your own flair to your own hair!

The style is cut completely low around the sides and back for a close skintight appearance. This allows the color to be the main focus of the look! Everyone may not have the confidence or ability to pull off this same style. Want something with a pop, but a little less flashy? That also is not a problem. The professionals of Karline’s Salon will take the time to consult you on your best look and customization to accommodate your style and needs. The benefits of the professions at Karline’s does not just end with their ability to execute the style. Karline’s Salon believes in outstanding customer service, timely and reasonable appointments, and specializes in unique flare!

Loving this style? Book your appointment today by visiting Karline’s Salon website, their website, or by calling and scheduling your consultation or appointment today at (561) 471-0900!

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