Bold Multi-Colored Box Braids Hairstyle from Shae Thompson

This bold style is brought to you IN LIVING COLOR by Shae Thompson. Shae pulled out all the stops to achieve this wow factor look! This multi-colored box braids hairstyle has all the hair components we live for! Braids, undercuts, color and more have been combined for this epic braided bun! What more could you ask for? As a professional stylist, Shae still has fun with her craft and can bring the fun to your style.

Multi-Colored Box Braids Technique

Salon: A Heavenly Place in Hair
Stylist: Shae Thompson
Model: Breanna
Make Up: Deirdre Clay

Shae Thompson of A Heavenly Place in Hair Salon is the type of stylist that is not afraid to go outside of the box with you. This vibrant style is a collision of all our favorite hair styles. What is even cooler is this style has endless variations. Shae brought it with the colored braids. This particular style showcases red, yellow, and blue medium sized box braids, but any color or colors are possible for you.  These box braids have enough length to fashion into a textured high bun. The braids are then placed in a design to highlight the color even more. For versatility, you can wear the braids down. When the model turns around, you are greeted with the unexpected custom design undercut! The geometric feel of the undercut design is trendy and very modern. Just like everything else, you can customize your undercut.

Introducing Shae Thompson from A Heavenly Place in Hair

Shae and the staff of a Heavenly Place Salon located in the lovely city of Ft. Walton Beach Florida are open to all types of clients, and everyone is the greatest priority. When visiting Shae and the staff of A Heavenly Place Salon, you will not only receive a fresh new look, but you also will receive refreshing customer service and overall experience. To schedule your hot new summer look, book your appointment with or even schedule your appointment through the salon contact number. 

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