Stunning Chain Link Braid Up Style from Pam Webster

How adorable is this twist on a classic up- do? Thanks to Pamela Webster of GBM3 Inc., this chain link braid up style is a modern fusion for the elegant up do. It’s coupled with a cute twist set. Although this lovely model is a young lady, this hairstyle can translate beautifully for any age. Not only that, but there are variations for your choosing. Pamela is the master at tailoring the perfect style for you, and she has stashed several subtle surprises in this look. Although a style classic, this creation is anything but boring.  

Chain Link Braid with A Curly Ponytail

Salon: GBM3
Stylist: Pamela Webster
Model: Arynn
Make Up: Deirdre Clay

We all know that uniqueness is everything. Pamela inserted uniqueness with her modern spin on an up-do by creating a chain link braid up style. Instead of your everyday pony tail, Pamela added texture with the twisted intricate styles. Looks simple enough right? When you see the back view, you will see skill. Pamela has added designs to the back for a wow factor. As with the hairstyle itself, the design is also versatile. This particular hair crush is modeled by a lovely young lady, but this look can be rocked by many ages for many events. The pony tail ends with a cute collection of perfectly placed curls. You can even trade the curls for a pony tail extension. Prefer cornrows instead of flat twists? No Problem.  As cute as this creation is, it is versatile and can be catered to even your adult taste.

Introducing Pamela Webster from GBM3 Inc.

Professional stylist, Pamela, has years of experience when it comes to styling and hair care. The upscale and trendy, GBM3 Inc. is the perfect atmosphere for your transformation to begin. Like Pamela, the staff offers great customer service, and all works together to provide you with the best possible experience. Schedule your appointment online at, or also by phone at (251) 473-9575. Let Pamela Take Your Hair There.

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