Bold Silk Press with Black Hair Color from Nikki Glasgow in Columbia, SC

Immensely straight hairstyles have an aura of sophistication and allure. Nikki Glasgow, a professional hairstylist from Studio Seven Hair Salon in Columbia, SC takes that allure to another level with this silk press hairstyle with jet black hair color. The look features straight lines throughout, with a black and gold pompadour in the front. Nikki decided to add a custom jet-black hair color throughout the hairstyle. She also added some blonde highlights in the pompadour to add more definition. This hairstyle creates a stark contrast between the client’s skin tone and the deep black hair color.

The look is reminiscent of Uma Thurman’s hairstyle in the movie Pulp Fiction. Nikki not only colored her client’s natural hair. She also gave her a blunt haircut. She finished the look by applying a silk press technique to straighten out her client’s natural curl pattern. This beautiful silk press hairstyle with jet black hair color can be worn at a wide variety of events. You could wear this style anywhere from church, the boardroom, a formal event, or anything in between.

Stylist: PhD Nikki Glasgow
Salon: Studio Seven Hair Salon
Model: Jada
Makeup: Deirdre Clay

Silk Press Hairstyle with Jet Black Hair Color

Nikki Glasgow started this hairstyle by giving her client a special hair color formulated just for this look. Nikki wanted the darkest shade of black possible in order to create a stark contrast with the client’s skin tone. In order to create an environment where her client’s hair would remain healthy throughout the process, Nikki followed the custom hair color with a specially designed shampoo and conditioner procedure. There are actually two separate shampoos and two separate conditioners used to hydrate and protect this client’s natural hair.

The type of protective care that Nikki Glasgow put into the preparation for this silk press hairstyle with jet black hair color is a major reason that you should only entrust services like these to the hands of a professional hairstylist. Nikki has spent years in this industry and she religiously updates her skills with the newest education and techniques training. This ensures that the jet black hair color you desire will actually end up being jet black. Using a professional hairstylist also means that your hair will be able to stand up to the heat of a silk press technique. Don’t trust the next Youtube superstar who presses your hair right off your head.

Precision Blunt Haircut

Nikki chose to accent this silk press hairstyle with jet black hair color with a blunt haircut. The haircut adds another edgy dimension to the boldness of the black hair color. Blunt cuts look simple but in fact they are very complicated. You must be aware of the client’s bone structure in order to achieve the desired look. This is yet another reason to trust services like this to the hands of a professional like Nikki Glasgow from Studio Seven Hair Salon in Columbia, SC

Finishing Touches and At-Home Maintenance

To add even more pizzazz to this hairstyle, Nikki bonded two tracks of blonde human hair extensions to the front. Nikki blended these two tracks with her client’s natural hair and brought everything up into a pompadour. The finished result is an ode to the 50’s and 60’s, but with today’s sophistication.

Taking care of this hairstyle at home is a breeze. Simply wrap the hair at night with a silk or satin bonnet. In the mornings, remove the bonnet and use some type of glossing agent for shine. Nikki says that with proper care, this silk press hairstyle with jet black hair color should last about two weeks.

Introducing Nikki Glasgow from Studio Seven Hair Salon in Columbia, SC

If you love this beautiful, elegant look as much as we do, give Nikki a call at (803) 295-0007. Let her take your ideas and turn them into the hairstyle you’ve always wanted. Nikki’s talent for creating trendsetting hairstyle has lasted for many years. This is why she is one of Columbia’s most sought after hairstylists. We’re certain you’ll be happy you contacted her.

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