Incredible Quick Weave Bob Hairstyle by DeVante Green from Irmo, SC

DeVante’ Brasley-Green from Prostyles Barbershop and Salon in Irmo, SC infused a multitude of colors into this quick weave bob hairstyle. The red and blue undertones give a hint of mystery to this elegant bob haircut. DeVante’ used a minimal leave out technique to blend the human hair additions with his client’s natural hair. The result is a flawless mid-length bob hairstyle that will look good for any type of event. DeVante’ took special care to make sure his client’s own hair was well protected and moisturized throughout the process. A great human hair, quick weave installation, including different hues of red, blue and purple hair colors added to a precision bob haircut make this quick weave bob hairstyle a bold attention getter that looks good for any occasion.

Salon: Prostyles Barbershop and Salon
Stylist: DeVante’ Brasley-Green
Model: Denise
Makeup: Deirdre Clay

Quick Weave Bob Hairstyle

Devante’ Brasley-Green started this bob hairstyle with a professional quick weave installation. He chose to use a minimal leave out technique to aid in blending the client’s natural hair with the human hair additions. DeVante’ chose to use human hair additions with different hues of red, blue, purple and black to add a beautiful multi-colored undertone to the hairstyle. A bonding technique was used to apply the hair additions. When you’re having a bonding procedure performed, make sure you utilize the services of a professional hairstylist like DeVante’ Brasley-Green. Proper care must be used to protect and moisturize your hair while it is underneath the quick weave bob hairstyle.

Precision Haircut on a Quick Weave Bob

Once the human hair was correctly added, DeVante’ Brasley-Green gave his client a precision haircut. He used his professional haircutting abilities to mold the hair into a fashion-forward bob hairstyle also. The look is stacked in the back with feathered layers also. The angles of the haircut give the client the ability to move freely throughout their day. They can be confident that their hair will move when they move and when they stop, their hair will fall right back into place.

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The client will be able to easily take care of this quick weave bob hairstyle also. DeVante’ Brasley-Green recommends pinning the hair back at night and wrapping the hairstyle with a silk or satin bonnet. Each morning you simply need to use your fingers to pull the curls apart. Then viola, your style looks good as new. With proper maintenance, DeVante’ says this hairstyle should last about two weeks also.

Introducing DeVante’ Brasley-Green from Prostyles Barbershop and Salon in Irmo, SC

DeVante’ Brasley-Green is a professional hairstylist located at Prostyles Barbershop, 7241 Broad River Rd. in Irmo, SC. Hype Hair magazine and Sophisticate’s Black Hair Styles and Care Guide regularly feature DeVante’s work also. DeVante’ has a focus on healthy hairstyle techniques for his clients. His professional hairstyling techniques, paired with an incredible artistic eye, give DeVante’s clients the ability to have show-stopping hairstyles while keeping their hair healthy at the same time. Give Devante Brasley-Green a call at (803) 295-7144 and let him work his magic for you.

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