Braided Updo from Shamone Barnes Keeps Your Hair Healthy As Well

Master Stylist Shamone Barnes creates a healthy hair environment with this classic updo hairstyle. The look features commercial hair that was chosen based on the porosity and texture of the model’s natural hair. Shamone was careful to ensure that this hairstyle would be sculptured and soft to the touch. This is in order to avoid tension alopecia. This hairstyle features a multitude of different braids throughout the hair with a sculted braid technique in the top. This look is designed to create a show stopping hairstyle, with an emphasis on keeping her own hair healthy also.

Salon: Salon Planted
Stylist: Shamone Barnes
Model: Amelia
Make Up: Enrika Wilds

Braided Updo with Healthy Hair in Mind

Shamone Barnes went to great lengths to ensure that this braided updo would look gorgeous. She also made sure it would not be damaging in any way to the model’s natural hair. She started off performing a porosity test and checking the model’s natural hair texture. This is to ensure that the commercial hair she used would blend well. The hair stylist also made sure to avoid adding any undo tension on the model’s hair to avoid problems down the road. With proper care, this hairstyle should last a few weeks. You will need to use a daily moisturizer and wrap the hair at night with a satin cloth.

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Introducing Shamone Barnes from Salon Planted in Charlotte, NC

Shamone Barnes is the owner and master stylist at Salon Planted, an upscale black hair salon, located at 9605 – L North Tryon Street, Suite 201. As you can see with this braided updo hairstyle, Shamone places great emphasis on creating healthy hairstyles that are stunning and on trend also. When you’re ready to create your next “new you”, give Shamone and the staff at Salon Planted a call at (980) 494-3892. They’ll be happy to help you create a new look that will look beautiful and keep your hair healthy at the same time.

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