Beautiful Long Custom Unit with an Invisible Part from Tiffany Jones

We live in a time when black women have more hairstyle choices than ever before. Between the use of commercial hair, the new hair color techniques, as well as our increased knowledge in healthy haircare maintenance, black women, have the option to roc a flawless short hairstyle on Monday, and a beautiful long curly custom unit that is impossible to detect from the model’s own hair. The hairstyle in these images was created using a custom unit wig with an invisible part. The hairstyle features bundles of commercial hair with a soft curl pattern throughout. Tiffany Jones from Tiffany J’s House of Trends is not only the creator of this long custom unit with an invisible part, but she’s also the owner of the company that sells the commercial hair needed to create it.

Salon: Tiffany J’s House of Trends
Hair Stylist: Tiffany Jones
Model: Edmesia
Make Up: Enrika Wilds

Long Custom Unit Hairstyle with an Invisible Part

Tiffany used three bundles of 20-inch commercial hair with body wave curls in order to create this long bouncy hairstyle. The hairstyle gives the model the ability to rock a long bouncy coif, carefree while her own hair is braided safely underneath also. This long custom unit with invisible part is great for those who are transitioning between lengths or who want to give their own hair a rest from chemicals that may be damaging.  There is no real upkeep for this look, you need to only keep the hair moisturized and detangled.

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Introducing Tiffany Jones from Tiffany J’s House of Trends in Ellenwood, GA

We have often had he pleasure of featuring eye-catching hairstyles from Ms. Tiffany Jones from Tiffany J’s House of Trends in Ellenwood, GA. Tiffany is one of the most published black hair stylist in the industry. Her resume extends well over 10 years and includes publication in some of the largest magazines in black haircare also.  Whether you are looking for a new hairstyle, a custom made unit for yourself, or you’re in the market to purchase some high quality commercial hair, give Tiffany Jones a call at (404) 543-8382.

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  1. Hi Ms Jones
    I am interested in getting a quote for a human hair side part chin length wig. Currently wearing my hair in TWA. Not happy with quality of hair from local beauty supply store or Amazon choices. Please help🤗


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