Bringing Back the Sexy! This Quick Weave Bob With Closure Is Stunning

The hottest trend in the black hair industry is protective hairstyles. African American women are searching for looks that will be eye-catching and keep their hair healthy at the same time. This quick weave bob with closure will do just that in drop-dead fashion. This beautiful hairstyle features elegant layers and splashes of honey and violet hair colors. Constance Purnell, a professional hairstylist from Alter Ego Salon in Columbia, SC created this look.

Stylist: Constance Purnell
Salon: Alter Ego Hair Salon
Model: Julesa
Makeup: Deirdre Clay

Quick Weave Bob With Closure

The beauty of this protective hairstyle lays in the elegant bob haircut created by Constance Purnell. Constance added layers throughout the bob haircut that highlighted the movement of the hairstyle. Using a three-stage cutting technique, Constance Purnell from Alter Ego Salon in Columbia, SC used clippers, shears, and a razor to form this beautiful quick weave bob with closure. The haircut perfectly frames the model’s face and accentuates her natural facial features.

Proper Preparation Makes the Look

Before the quick weave application or the haircut, Constance took steps to ensure that her model’s hair would stay healthy as she wore this quick weave bob with closure hairstyle. She started with a stimulating shampoo and conditioner that would detoxify the hair and scalp. Constance then braided her model’s hair in order to lay it underneath the quick weave application. This hairstyle is perfect for those of us who may be in-between lengths or just want an easy way to change up their hairstyle on a regular basis.

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A Splash of Color Makes a Signature Statement

The first thing that catches the eye about this style is the dash of honey and violet hair color on the right side. The hair color adds definition to the wispy layers cut into the bob hairstyle. Constance achieved this custom hair color process using a watercolor technique. This way she was able to get an exact color match in one process. To attain the rich and vibrant colors, Constance lifted the hair additions to its highest level beforehand. The professional techniques and eye for detail Constance brings to every hairstyle created a stunning ensemble of beauty and functionality in this quick weave bob with closure.

100% Human Hair Additions Create the Perfect Effect

Constance chose human air over synthetic because of the versatility she knew she would need to complete this hairstyle. The hair would need to respond to color as well as a flat iron curl technique to get the look Constance wanted. While synthetic hair is much less expensive than human hair, the ability for your professional hairstylist to really get creative more than makes up for the extra pennies spent.

Constance went the extra step to make this look a full closure hairstyle, meaning the quick weave covers the whole head, even where there is a part. Closures offer the greatest amount of protection for the model’s own hair. With this quick weave bob with closure, Constance’s model can go about her day looking drop-dead gorgeous while her own hair is safely tucked under the hair additions. This is one of the best ways to promote your own hair growth also.

Taking Care of Your Quick Weave Bob With Closure at Home

Another great aspect of this quick weave bob with closure is how easy it is to maintain. Constance Purnell from Alter Ego Salon in Columbia, SC recommends wrapping your hair every night and covering with a silk or satin bonnet to retain moisture. Then she suggests coming into the salon every other week for a light shampoo treatment. Constance says this look should last about 4 weeks with proper maintenance.  Stop by the salon or give Constance a call at (803) 724-8245 and let create a protective hairstyle for you.

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