Here It Is! The Hottest Pixie Cut for Black Women Today

Black hairstyles have always been at the forefront of the fashion industry. Short hairstyles for black women are always the pinnacle of fashion. This pixie cut for black women is flattering and fun. This short, molded pixie haircut definitely hits the mark as it allows you to express yourself while being a little funky at the same time. Star Hewitt from The Remedy Hair & Body Spa in Durham, NC created this bold and edgy pixie.

Stylist: Star Hewitt
Salon: The Remedy Salon in Durham, NC
Salon Ph.: (919) 493-8772
Model: Montressa
Makeup: Star Hewitt

Short Molded Pixie Cut For Black Women

This stunning pixie haircut is distinguished by a long, integrated bang in the front with vibrant, dark red-brown highlights. The bang was created with a sew-in weave technique. The color in the front highlights the movement of the hair for women that like to lighten things up a bit. In the back, you have a black cut tapered close. Star used a two-stage precision cutting technique to achieve the lines of this pixie haircut.

Precision Pixie Looks Good for Any Occasion

You will love this ultra-professional pixie cut for black women created by Star Hewitt from The Remedy Hair & Body Spa. The model shows that you can easily wear a business suit and be work ready in no time. Additionally, you will not have to spend your entire morning getting ready with your hair. Star Hewitt ensured that this hairstyle would be very easy to maintain. To keep this pixie cut for black women looking “salon fresh”, Star suggests simply wrapping your hair each night.

Long Bang With Highlights Gives Versatility

Star notes that this hairstyle is a great way for women to try a new hair color without the long-term commitment. The side sweep serves to work well with wide faces. It takes the focus off the width of the face. It gives some dimension and movement to the hairstyle as well. You can really jazz up this look with a pair of long earrings.

The close tapering at the back of the cut shows that you can really have it all when it comes to a look. You will not have to go to your hairstylist for a while as this is really tapered close to the head. It will take a while for it to all grow out.

The Perfect Hairstyle for Those Wanting a New Look

Those who are looking to grow out their hair again in a healthier manner will love this pixie cut for black women. This is a great way to get rid of all your damaged hair and just start over. Also, you will look great while doing it in the meantime.

This cut proves that short hair does not have to be boring. You can have a sassy short cut like this and still look every bit as stylish and sexy as if you had long hair.

A Stunning Molded Pixie Cut for Black Women

This short cut is something that a lot of people haven’t seen before. A cute pixie cut for black women that are molded down. If you want to look different and stand out from the crowd, then this will be the look that you want to go with.

The brown hair in the front is perfect for lightening up the face as well. It will bring out one’s facial features as it draws visual interest into the face again.

Check Out the Long Flowing Bang With Layers

The side sweeping bang has lots of layers and is perfect for people that really like to show off their bangs. It is a fringe that is flattering to virtually all face types. Star Hewitt from The Remedy Hair & Body Spa in Durham, NC used 100% human hair additions to create this elegant bang.

You can look cute or you can look sultry with this hair. It’s all in what you wear to pair it with and the makeup that you choose. Get this look at the salon and you’ll be glad that you lightened it up for a bit. Your hair will feel free and you’ll enjoy your look through the compliments you receive.

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