Check Out Mylindra Diggs Cool Braids for Men Hairstyle

Mylindra Diggs from Salon Cheveux Int’l Deux created these cool braids for men’s hair. This hairstyle incorporates elegant cornrows as well as an intricate design in the parts of the hair. Men’s braids are extremely popular right now. This hairstyle gives the client the opportunity to wear their hair in a way that honors their heritage and looks modern at the same time. These cool braids for men hairstyle is designed for a person just getting started in their braid journey. While their hair reaches to the middle of the neck now, in a few years, these braids will reach longer and longer lengths.

Stylist: Mylindra Diggs
Salon: Salon Cheveux Int’l Deux
Model: Diamonic
Make Up: Enrika Wilds

Cool Braids for Men

These cool braids for men were created to look stylish, pay homage to our ancestry, and to be easy to care for at the same time. The maintenance schedule for braids like these is very simple. The client just needs to moisturize their hair every day, including the scalp. They should also wrap their hair at night in some type of silk or satin cloth. A doo rag will work nicely. Given proper care, this hairstyle should last a few weeks before the client will need to go back to their hair stylist for a touch up.

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Introducing Mylindra Diggs from Salon Cheveux Int’l Deux in Charlotte, NC

Mylindra Diggs is a professional hair stylist, specializing in locs and twists. She is located at Salon Cheveux, Int’l Deux, located at 2038 Ayrsley Town Blvd. in Charlotte, NC.  Mylindra is known for her attention to detail and therefore, her talents are in high demand throughout the Charlotte metro area. If you’re ready to step your braids game up to the next level, give Mylindra a call at (704) 727-2959 and let her create a custom braids hairstyle just for you.

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