Long Hairstyle for Black Women with Curls from Terrisina Jackson

Trend setting fashionistas know that one of the benefits to using hair extensions is that it protects their own natural hair. When done correctly, hair extensions will take all the heat and tension needed to create a beautiful doo, while the client’s own hair is safely braided underneath. Terrisina Jackson from Mahogany Salon in Florence, Sc had healthy hair in mind when she created this long hairstyle for black women. The long locs are the product of commercial hair additions installed in a way that ensures the clients hair will be protected throughout. To achieve the curls, Terrisina used a two-step process of first creating a curl pattern with her choice of curling iron, and then using flexi-rods rod enhance the curls and give the hairstyle more body.

Stylist: Terrisina Jackson
Salon: Mahogany
Model: Clinique
Make Up: Enrika Wilds

Long Hairstyle for Black Women

Along with the bouncy curls, Terrisina added a custom hair color technique in order to add some extra flash. The hair color was created just for this hairstyle also. Terrisina used multiple colors to create this ombre hair color that frames the bottom of this hairstyle. Maintaining this hairstyle isn’t difficult at all. The client will need to use a daily moisturizer and then wrap the hair every night with a satin cloth. With a little help, this long hairstyle for black women should last a few weeks.

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Introducing terrisina Jackson from Mahogany Salon in Florence, SC

Terrisina Jackson is a nationally published professional hair stylist. Her work is regularly featured in some of the largest hair publications in the Black hair industry. The entire staff at Mahogany Salon are experts in their fields as well. They would love to work with you to bring your long hairstyle visions to life, whether it’s using your own natural hair or with the addition of commercial product. Give Mahogany Salon a call at (843) 260-6077 and let them create the new you.

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