Check Out This Bold Short Pin Curl Hairstyle With a Custom Hair Color

This short pin curl hairstyle from Frances Roach at Wave Links Hair Studio Inc. in Fayetteville, North Carolina is a stunning example of what a little color and class can do. The salon is located at 5114 Yadkin Road Suite 136. This look is sophisticated and fun at the same time.

Short Pin Curl Hairstyle

This hairstyle is created using a clipper over comb technique. This technique forms an intricate level of precision. It’s also the most advanced way to cut short hair. Only the most experienced stylists, like Frances Roach use clipper over comb. The perimeter is faded away and combed out also. Frances brushed through the pin curls to soften up the curls for the shoot. The front has the dimensions of color. The wave pattern styling frames the face perfectly. To get the interesting color, Frances added hair extensions to her customized color technique. The pin curls are combed out softly to give the overall wave affect.

The overall look of the front of the hair is perfection. The sweeps of waves of hair are majestic. The coloring is so interesting you just want to stare at it. It draws you in and makes you want to look twice. You can get a good amount of volume in the front as well if the hair is styled correctly. The coloring in the front deserves more chatter. Frances Roach used honey blond, cinnamon, strawberry blond, white, and rose gold. She fashioned the rose gold specifically to have a blush color.

Taking Care of This Short Pin Curl Hairstyle at Home

While this short pin curl hairstyle is complex, with proper care, the wear of this exact pattern can be maximized. The wearer will just need to pin curl the front again to maintain the wave pattern. Additionally, she will need to tie a satin wrap or bonnet around the perimeter of the hair. With the right care, this hairstyle will last about two weeks.

The back part will be the most difficult to style on one’s own. That’s why investing in a satin wrap or bonnet is imperative. The professional hair products that Frances uses will help this short pin curl hairstyle last longer as well. The back of the hair has rows and rows of curls. It looks stunning when the entire compilation is put together.

Home Maintenance Routine

When it all comes together, this is truly an amazing look. I feel as though the entire ensemble is a little too perfect for everyday wear. It’s more for special occasions or a time when you want to impress a client kind of look. All in all, it’s ideal for the summertime. It’s a short cut that will let the breeze gently caress your neck.

If you get this look, make sure that you also purchase some at-home maintenance products that will help you maintain the look on a daily basis. Rely on the advice of your professional hairstylist and purchase exactly what they recommend. Professional hair stylists know how to help you stretch the hairstyle out for two weeks. It’s definitely a beautiful style that you will definitely want to maintain for maximum effect.

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  1. I really like her cut. The color is great too. I would like to make an appointment to come in about 2wks.
    My hair is short, blonde and natural.


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