Want a Great Look: This Side Bob Hairstyle for Black Women is Perfect

Joyce Carter from Unlimited Styles and Hair Loss Clinic created this stunning side bob hairstyle for black women. The salon is located at 792 Bunce Rd. in Fayetteville, NC. The hairstyle featured here is a blue side bob with layers. Joyce added blue and platinum highlights to accent the style. She put a taper cut on the sides also. This hairstyle is designed to tickle your fun and flirty side.

Salon: Unlimited Styles by Joyce HLRC
Stylist: Joyce Carter
Model: Robin
Makeup: Enrika Wilds

Deep Blue Side Bob Hairstyle for Black Women

The color is achieved through color extensions. The deep blue hair color mixed with platinum highlights create a beautiful contrast to the close shaved sides and back.  She then created the side bob. As you can tell, the results are simply fantastic.

This side bob hairstyle for black women is not too short and not too long. It is for a woman who cannot really decide if she wants a pixie cut or a bob. It’s frankly just a little bit of both. The style is certainly eye-catching, and it will grow out well. You will definitely enjoy all the new phases as the bob grows out, but the extensions will need some maintenance over time.

Taking Care of Your Hairstyle at Home

The at-home maintenance is quite simple as well. All you need to do is wrap the style to keep it fresh. Then you should put on a hairnet and a hair bonnet. This will help to tame any frizz that might result from sleeping on the hair. The style will last up to three weeks with the proper maintenance.

Someone who likes short bobs and tapered sides will enjoy this blue side bob hairstyle for black women. It’s definitely very bright so women who like funky colored hair need only apply. The platinum is a nice touch too. The overall wave pattern means that you don’t have to style it too much in the morning. This style is already cut into a nicely layered finish.

Anyone who enjoys their hair being well put together will love this look. You will notice that the extensions grow out so you will have to change it around a bit. All in all, you can find that you have just enough latitude to do exactly what you want with it.

This Side Bob is The Perfect Vacation Hairstyle

The summer is coming, and this is a great style to wear when it gets hot. You will want to be sporting this hairstyle before the heat waves start to hit in full force. The tapered sides are very short, and you will keep cool on those hot days. It’s especially good for when you go on vacation. You won’t really have to worry about your hair the entire time.

All in all, side bobs are a strong trend this season. You will find that many models are stepping off the runways with them. This is because it’s the perfect fashion of long and short hair.

You can also ask your stylist what type of products will help to maintain this look. It’s not as high maintenance when it comes to products like other looks. This may make it a bit easier on your budget. You can enjoy dressing up or dressing down with impeccable hair to match.

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