Check Out This Fabulous Quick Weave Bob Hairstyle from Constance Purnell

Bob hairstyles are an elegant and timeless fashion statement. They are known for their dramatic lines and movement. Done correctly, a well-cut bob hairstyle will move as the client moves and then fall right back into place whenever she stops. UniversalSalons.Com is honored to showcase this elegant quick weave bob hairstyle from a nationally published, professional hairstylist Constance Purnell from Alter Ego Hair Salon in Columbia, SC. This bob features an inverted haircut in the back with a streak of royal blue hair color along the side.

800x600 Front: Check Out This Fabulous Quick Weave Bob Hairstyle
Columbia, SC hairstylist Constance Purnell created this elegant bob hairstyle

Constance created this look using a quick weave hair addition technique. The quick weave technique gives the client versatility when they want to play around with different hairstyles in a short period of time. Quick weaves give the wearer the ability to be Halle Berry short on Tuesday and Beyoncé long by Wednesday. While this is a quick weave hairstyle, Constance made sure the quality of the hair additions along with her precision hair cutting techniques would enable this hairstyle to have the fun and flirty movement all bobs are known for.   Whether you’re leading your team in the boardroom, at an elegant event with that special someone, or just hanging out with the girls one evening, this elegant quick weave bob hairstyle is sure to fit right in with its dramatic lines and bold hair color.

Stylist: Constance Purnell
Salon: Alter Ego Hair Salon
Model: Angelic
Makeup: Deirdre Clay

Quick Weave Bob Hairstyle with Hair Color

The foundation of this hairstyle is the beautiful quick weave installation. Constance Purnell from Alter Ego Hair Salon in Columbia, SC used the best quality human hair available for this look. Choosing human hair over synthetic installations allowed Constance to more versatility in the hairstyling process. Synthetic hair tends to limit the hairstylist with the way it will, or will not react to heat, hair color, and haircutting techniques. Constance says that human hair will give her more uniform results and choosing a high grade of human hair will allow the bob haircut to move and flow and then fall back in place the way she designed.

Custom Hair Color Technique

To ensure that the hair color in this quick weave bob hairstyle is exactly what Constance envisioned, she did a custom color technique using different hues of royal and indigo blue. The hair color creates a stark contrast through the front and side of the hair also. The hair color is bold enough to grab your attention from afar, without seeming gaudy or out of place in a professional environment.

Precision Haircut

Added to the quick weave installation and the custom hair color, Constance implemented a precision bob haircut that brings all the elements of this style together. The dramatic lines created by the inverted haircut in the back solidify the boldness of the royal blue hair color running along the side. This hairstyle is the result of meticulous planning. The result is a masterpiece quick weave bob hairstyle. Its beauty lies in the quality hair installation, the hair color, and the cut.

Taking Care of This Quick Weave Hairstyle

Constance created an easy way for her clients to keep their hairstyle looking salon fresh, even after weeks of wear. She created a maintenance routine that consists of in-salon shampoos and styling every two weeks. This ensures the client that their hairstyle will last longer. It has the added benefit of cleaning and protecting the client’s own hair underneath.

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After the in-salon maintenance visits, the client needs to wrap their hair every night with a silk or satin bonnet. Constance Purnell makes it super easy for her clients to maintain the hottest hairstyles and trends.

Introducing Constance Purnell from Alter Ego Hair Salon in Columbia, SC

Let’s be clear. One does not accidentally create a hairstyle that is this bold, yet commercial at the same time. This quick weave bob hairstyle goes right to the edge of fearless. It also doesn’t leave the norms of the corporate world. This hairstyle showcases confidence because that’s the way it was designed by professional hairstylist Constance Purnell. Constance is a nationally published hairstylist and salon owner also. Her work is regularly featured in the largest hair publications and she is an accomplished platform artist as well. Alter Ego is located at 9444 Two Notch Rd., Suite – A. Stop by and see Constance and the talented staff Alter Ego or give them a call at (803) 724-8245. They would be happy to use their professional skills to create a fabulous quick weave bob hairstyle for you also.

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