Check Out this Goddess Cornrow Updo from Patricia Clinkscales

Patricia Clinkscales from Why-Knot Hair Salon has once again showcased her braiding skills. She created a beautiful Goddess Cornrow Updo. Varying sizes of cornrows gives jazz to this updo. Patricia showcases her impeccable braiding skills with small cornrows framing larger cornrow designs. The fun only continues throughout the style.  

Salon: Why Knot? Hair Salon
Stylist: Patricia Clinkscales
Model: Tracy
Make Up: Deirdre Clay 

Healthy and Beautiful

Updos and braided black hairstyles are usually given such a boring expectation. Patricia made sure that she proved that braided updos can be hot and trendy! She has added fun geometric patterns and shapes into the braiding of this style. You have the option of custom designs or sticking to this cute one! The highlight of the doo is the unexpected pop of color! These not-your-everyday- cornrows are both trendy and super convenient (which we will get back to). This look is the ideal protective style!


It is no secret that the summertime especially can wreak havoc on your hair, but it does seem to be a secret that you can protect your hair in advance from heat, element, and styling damage. A style like that is a best friend to a naturalist, to relaxed hair or even color treated.


Beautiful Hairstyles Without the Worries

Yes, we have all heard the stigmas of braids, and braiders such as losing edges, hair breakage, the intense pain. All of these may be possibilities, but that’s not the experience to expect when visiting Patricia at Why Not? Hair Salon. Patricia Clinkscales is a proven and experienced professional with a track record of hair growth for clients as opposed to breakage, and friction breakage along the edges. Not to mention styling or braiding does not have to be an all-day affair at this salon.


Contact Patricia Clinkscales from Why Not? Hair Salon in order to secure your slot for consultation and services! You have the option to book online through or you may call or stop through during business hours.

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