Natural Hairstyle with Curls and Hair Color from D Hair Weaver

You may want your own hair but also with added flair. That’s why having one of the natural hairstyles with hair color might be your perfect balance. This one has a lot of color and dimension. That makes it fun looking but also ultra-professional.

Salon: Denise & K Shears
Stylist: D Hair Weaver
Model: Joelisa
Make Up: Crystal Dickson

Beautiful Natural Hairstyle

When you look at a natural hairstyle for black women, a top heavy one makes the face look slim. That’s exactly what this added burst of dimension does for this style. All of the layers are on the top, bringing attention to the eyes. If your eyes are your best feature, then this one is definitely for you.

Add Color for Flare

Also, get ready to walk on the wild side. The colors have a bit of a tigress feel. That makes it a style to stand out. You can wear this at the office as well because it is short and punchy but doesn’t look punk rock. Offices are becoming more accepting of different styles. They understand that hair can be fun and still ultra-professional.

Denise & K’Shears Hair Designs

You will enjoy the looks you get when sporting this doo. People will be asking you where you got your hair done. And you can tell them you went to D Hair Weaver at Denise & K’Shears Hair Designs in Killeen, TX.

If you are ready for a serious style upgrade, then call the salon at (250) 628-9050. You will find everything there that you need to look your best. The stylists are creative and can definitely do this look for you. After all, they are the ones that created this look for the look book.

You want to be fierce in all facets of your life, but still retain your sweetness. This look will say that all to people that first meet you and more. And then you can wow them with your awesome personality.

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