Check Out This Natural Golden Booshie Curls Hairstyle from Tyisha Goins

If you are looking for one of the best natural curls hairstyles with hair color, then make sure you check out this one. It has a splash of sass on the bottom and allows your natural black hair to be free from color on the top.

Salon: The Booshie Salon & Boutique
Stylist: Tyisha Goins
Model: Khadysha
Make Up: Crystal Dickson

Rock the Hombre

This is a great style if you like the hombre but were always too afraid to try it when it was on trend. It is certainly still in style, but you will find that you stand out more with it now. The natural colored hombre is in and the rainbow pastel trends are fading away. That is good news for people with black hair because getting the hair light enough to put pastels in it is quite a feat.

Luscious Curls

You will find you have just the perfect amount of lightness with this caramel colored hair that also denotes some bronze notes. Feel free to give your hair some luscious curls in the morning just like this model does. You will look ready for an important meeting or a classy night out with the girls. You just simply need the stylist to do the color and cut and you are ready to go.

Introducing Tyisha Goins

If you like what you see, and you just have to have it, book in with stylist Tyisha Goins today. She is at The Booshie Salon & Spa in Arlington, TX. Call reception at (214) 790-7757 and be greeted by the friendliest staff you will ever have the pleasure of meeting.

If you are ready to give your tresses some light and love, then come in today. We would love to have you at the salon. Your hair will thank you when you aren’t always pulling at it in the morning, wondering what to do with it. Tame your tresses and turn heads all at the same time with this look.

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