Check Out This Short Hairstyle with Hair Color by Camelia “Co Co” Travis

People want to see that va va voom when they exit the salon. If your hair really hasn’t changed that much, then what’s the point in spending all that money? For a cut that gets you noticed, try one of the short hairstyles for black women with hair color. Adding some blue, well, lots of it, is just the way to get that extra attention that you need from a look.  

Salon: Kreative Stylz Salon LLC
Stylist: Camelia “Co Co” Travis
Model: Kaneesha
Make Up: Crystal Dickson

Add Excitement to Your Hairstyle

If you want to look boring, then you’ll have to try something else. This style is only for those who like to get noticed. And yet, the cut is still professional and will be just fine for the working world as well. After all, work cannot implement a ban on perfectly styled, great hair, can they?

The back of this look is truly remarkable. It comes to a pointed edge which is clearly visible because of the blue. You will love the fringe on this look. It is side swept and the focal point of the entire cut.

Edgy Tapered Sides

Just when you thought the cut could not get edgier, there are two lines cut into the side of the shaved edge. This demarcates that you are ready to take fashion by the horns and run with it. And run with it you will, as everyone will be asking you to pull out a pen for the number of your salon.

So if you like this look, then you can visit the salon that does it best. Cmelia “Co Co” Travis is the creative director of this style. She works at Kreative Stylz Salon LLC in Carrollton, TX. To make an appointment, just phone (469) 986-1154 and you can speak with the receptionist, who will be happy to help you out.

Make sure you book a whole afternoon to end up looking like the model. Your appointment will be worth it.

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