Check Out This Silver Haircut With Finger Waves For Black Women

We tend to forget that there are tons of Black fashionistas over the age of 60. This forgotten niche is still a vibrant part of our culture and they make important contributions to our fashion trends. Hairstyles for gray hair over 60 is one of the most sought-after image galleries on the web. Superstar hairstylist Carla Harris from Ms. Carla’s Unique Hair Design in Columbia, SC took senior hairstyles to a new level with this silver haircut with finger waves for Black women.

Stylist: Carla Harris
Salon: Ms. Carla’s Unique Hair Designs in Columbia, SC
Salon Phone: (803) 237-9888
Model: Helen
Makeup: Deirdre Clay

Stunning Silver Haircut With Finger Waves for Black Women

Carla Harris created a beautiful ensemble of soft finger waves around the sides and elegant roller-set curls at the top. Every technique used is designed to enhance the model’s beautiful natural gray hair color. The finger waves create motion through the model’s relaxed hair. This is the perfect everyday look for today’s Black woman that is interested in staying on top of fashion trends and having a low maintenance hairstyle also. This silver haircut with finger waves will give Carla’s clients the best of both worlds.

The Foundation is a Precision Haircut

Carla began this process by giving her model a precision, shear-over-comb haircut. Carla gave her model elegant layers throughout the top which created a multi-dimensional effect to the roller-set curls. The tapered back and sides move up to a heavy top area. The finished look is perfect for the woman on the go. This hairstyle could easily transition between business and evening attire.

Use a Roller Set Technique to Create the Curl Pattern

The bold curls in the crown area of this silver haircut with finger waves were created using a roller set technique. Carla Harris wanted a soft look that would blend well with the finger waves around the side also. The curls add a definition to the model’s naturally silver hair color. The curls highlight the beautiful layers Carla created also.

Creating This Silver Haircut With Finger Waves the Healthy Way

Carla Harris ensured that, throughout the process, her model’s hair would remain healthy and growing. Before starting the process, Carla gave her model a deep conditioning shampoo. She used clear products that would not deposit unneeded residue on her model’s hair. Clear shampoos remove debris from the hair without applying unwanted deposits also.

Taking Care Of This Silver Haircut With Finger Waves at Home

Not only did Carla Harris ensure her model’s hair would be healthy during the styling process, but she also created an exceptionally easy maintenance routine that will help to keep this hairstyle looking “salon fresh” for a couple of weeks. To keep this silver haircut with finger waves in tip-top condition at home, Carla suggests her model wear a wrap cap at night and use a silicone-based shine spray every morning also. This incredibly simple maintenance plan should help your hairstyle last for approximately two weeks.

Introducing Carla Harris from Ms. Carla’s Unique Hair Design in Columbia, SC

Carla Harris is an internationally recognized professional hairstylist. She is located at Ms. Carla’s Unique Hair Design, 4145 Hard Scabble Rd. in Columbia, SC. Carla energized trendsetting hairstyles for Black women over 60 with this silver haircut with finger waves. Give Carla a call at (803) 237-9888 and let her create a signature look for you also.

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