Want a Fun Hairstyle? Check Out This Short Quick Weave With Layers

This short quick weave hairstyle features elegant layers throughout the length of the haircut. Short quick weaves are extremely popular because of their low maintenance requirements and fun, trendsetting look. The close-cut sides create a sense of confidence and ambition. This look was created for the assertive fashionista who loves a soft, elegant look. To add to the beauty of the hairstyle, this quick weave is also a great protective hairstyle. While you’re going about your day wearing this short quick weave with layers hairstyle, your own hair will be safely protected from the harsh elements of your daily environment underneath.

Stylist: Carla Harris
Salon: Ms. Carla’s Unique Hair Designs in Columbia, SC
Salon Phone: (803) 237-9888
Model: Carmelita
Makeup: Deirdre Clay

Elegant Short Quick Weave With Layers Hairstyle

This model’s hairstyle was created by one of the most published professional hairstylists in the state of SC. Carla Harris is the owner of Ms. Carla’s Unique Hair Designs in Columbia, SC. She created this look to be beautiful to the eye, functional, and protect her model’s hair also. The quick weave with layers was created with 100% human hair additions and precision cut into a short hairstyle. Human hair because lasts longer than synthetic hair and is easier to maintain. She wanted to use heat for this hairstyle and chose human hair for that reason also. The end result is a stunning human hair addition that allowed Carla the flexibility to create the look she wanted.

Precision Haircut Creates Beautiful Layers

Once the hair additions have been installed, Carla Harris used a precision, two-stage cutting technique to create this layered, short look. Carla used a shear-over-comb technique in the top and around the sides of the hair. She used brush-cut techniques along the back. The haircut created elegant layers that help the model’s hair move gracefully as she walks and falls right back into place when she stops.

Extra Layers of Protection for the Model’s Hair

Carla Harris is the consummate professional and her priority was to ensure that her model’s hair stayed healthy and vibrant throughout this process. Carla took special steps to ensure this was the case also. She started by giving her model a conditioning and cleansing shampoo and conditioner. This process removed unwanted artifacts from her model’s hair and infused much-needed nutrients and moisturizers also. Carla went the extra mile and used a protective cap underneath the hair additions to form a barrier between the model’s hair and the hair additions. These steps ensure that this quick weave with layers hairstyle will look great and keep the model’s hair healthy also.

Taking Care of This Short Quick Weave With Layers Hairstyle at Home

One of the most inviting parts of this hairstyle is how easy it is to maintain. This short quick weave with layers hairstyle is simple to take care of when you are away from the hair salon. Carla suggests wrapping your hair at night and using some type of lite gloss product during the day. With proper care, this short quick weave with layers should last about two weeks. If you love the fun, carefree look of this short quick weave with layers, give Carla Harris a call at (803) 237-9888. You can also stop by her salon at 4145 Hardscrabble Rd. in Columbia, SC.

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