Columbia’s Hottest Hair Salon Releases 7 New Hairstyles You Need to See

Fabstylez Hair & Braid Studio in Columbia SC always aspire to give black women fabulous, chick, and stunning hairstyles. Whether you are into hair color or braids, you can be sure to have your dream hairstyle come true at Fabstylez. The talented team of professional cosmetologist at Fabstylez in Columbia SC. will not rest until they have given their clients the latest and trendy black hairstyles. The following are some of the new hairstyles from Fabstylez Hair & Braid Studio in Columbia SC that you should watch out for.

Natural Braids and Twist Hairstyle from “Chi Chi” Sims

Braids offer a great way of expressing yourself. This hairstyle looks at twisting the braids to get that sophisticates, glamorous, and chic look. A unique difference is the difference in the color of braids. This seeks to bring out the fun side of every woman. Whether you are going to the office or simply want some fun time out, this is the ideal hairstyle for you. Another fun aspect is the idea that you can decide to change he styling of the braids because they are long and flexible. Whether you want to hold them up or allow them drop, it is entirely up to you. It also works for both long and short natural hair.

Crochet Braids with Hair Color from Alicia Howell

Gaining popularity with black women are braids. Individuals who love to braids have a different twist from the normal straight braids. This hairstyle by Alicia Howell is not only fancy but also fun as well thanks to the use of varying colors. Work with your skin tone to identify the best colors for you or you can seek professional advice from Alicia. It is short and gives a fuller illusion but at the same time ensures that it is light in color. With this choice of braids and the expertise of the hairstylist, you can be sure to rock the hairstyle. Give a side cut so help create an attractive twist to it.

Natural Honey Hawk from Shontelise Crutch

Shontelise’s idea is to bring about the effect of a Mohawk while embracing the concept of lines unlike the traditional Mohawk that covered the entire mid-section. This hairstyle once it is complete does not require any preparation and the maintenance process is very easy. It is the ideal hairstyle for a busy woman. It brings out your sexy features and goes a long way into keeping you up to the latest trends. It is different and unique with the inclusion of braids. It is ideal for any setting and for all age groups so that you can rock all the events and blend in with ease while at the same time drawing positive attention.

Eggplant Patra Long Braids Hairstyle from Shontelise Crutch

This hairstyle is clearly concentrated on braids. The braids are plaited ensuring that all your hair is help in position. The braids are long and thick that leave you with a fuller view while at the same time ensuring that they are light in weight providing them will a natural swing and flexibility. Because they are plaited in larger sizes, they do not require a lot of time to complete. Once the hairstyle is complete, maintenance is easy. This is because all you have to do is style it in the direction you desire in an effort to meet the required effect. Another attractive feature is the ability to play around with the color of braid. This makes it fun and adorable.

Red Hot Feather Long Extensions from Shontelise Crutch

This hairstyle has the ideal swing and sexy appearance. It is fun, sexy, as well as chic and it will suit right about anyone. Whether you are going to the office or out clubbing with your friends, be sure to stand out in a positive way. It is not reserved thanks to the black color and the addition of a different color, though a recommended color should be bright. It has curls to play around with the color and the front has been tonged to bring out a sassy and sexy overlook. This is for the outgoing woman who is not afraid to brighten up. It is flexible as you can tie it up or let it down and is suitable for all occasions and events.

Jumbo Twist Hawk Hairstyle from Latoya Brown

Latoya Brown seeks to combine the use of natural hair and some braids to bring out your ideal hairstyle. Though it may look complicated with a few lines at the back, your hair combed to the center, while the crown holds up an artistic twist, it remains sophisticated and classy. The crown holds the idea of a Mohawk while the rest of the hairstyle tames it down. It is ideal for women looking to embrace a short hairstyle that brings out the best of your facial features. It is fabulous and trendy to meet the needs of an outgoing and adventurous woman.

Very Berry Twistout from Shontelise Crutch

This is meant for that professional look that will also bring out the best in you when going out. The color adds some aspect of fun to it and ensures that it brings out that best in every woman. It attracts the right attention and if playing with luminous colors is your thing, you will love this hairstyle. It also screams adventure and many outgoing women cannot get enough of this hairstyle. It is amongst the natural hairstyles that is gaining popularity. It plays with hair color and it incorporates two hairstyles into one.

The above hairstyles are diverse. They seek to provide different personalities in women with the ideal black hairstyle to bring out the best in every individual. To ensure that the hairstyle is just as required, it is best that you visit the stylist who created it. To find the stylist visit Fabstylez Hair and Braid Studio Columbia SC. or you can book an appointment by calling the phone number (803) 772 – 7287. The salon is known for its expertise and their professionalism. Every woman should understand that their hair says a lot about them and their character. The best way to do it is by ensuring that you are trendy while at the same time bring out the best of your traits.

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